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Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 44 (2012)

Articles for the 2012 Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on themes from ICTM's 41st World Conference, held in St. John's, Canada, in July 2011 and hosted by Memorial University of Newfoundland. The guest editors for this issue are Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco, Beverley Diamond, and C. K. Szego. Supplementary audio clips are available below. Reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites complete the issue.

General Editor:  Don Niles

Table of Contents


  • Ngariwanajirri, the Tiwi “Strong Kids Song”: Using Repatriated Song Recordings in a Contemporary Music Project’ by Genevieve Campbell.
  • ‘“Connecting Cultures”: The Mekong River at the Smithsonian FolklifeFestival, 2007’ by Helen Rees.
  • ‘Performing Kecak: A Balinese Dance Tradition between Daily Routine and Creative Art’ by Kendra Stepputat.
  • ‘Coming Out of the Stone: Dangerous Heritage and the Death of the Twinhox Band’ by Kirsty Gillespie and Nicholas A. Bainton.
  • ‘“A Limp with Rhythm”: Convergent Choreographies in Black Atlantic Time’ by Sydney Hutchinson.
  • ‘Embodying the Countryside in ʿAiṭa Ḥaṣbawiya (Morocco)’ by Alessandra Ciucci.
  • ‘Voices of Sorrow: Melodized Speech, Laments, and Heroic Narratives among the Yezidis of Armenia’ by Estelle Amy de la Bretèque. See supplementary materials for this article.
  • ‘Gong Ensemble Music of the Dusun Tinagas of Sabah through the Gaze of Movement’ by Jacqueline Pugh-Kitingan.
  • ‘Zoomusicology and Ethnomusicology: A Marriage to Celebrate in Heaven’ by Marcello Sorce Keller.

Book Reviews

  • Sorce Keller, Marcello. What Makes Music European: Looking Beyond Sound. By Bruno Nettl.
  • Bor, Joep, Françoise “Nalini” Delvoye, Jane Harvey, and Emmie te Nijenhuis, eds. Hindustani Music: Thirteenth to Twentieth Centuries. By Carol Babiracki.
  • Levi, Erik, and Florian Scheding, eds. Music and Displacement: Diasporas, Mobilities, and Dislocations in Europe and Beyond and Dueck, Byron, and Jason Toynbee, eds. Migrating Music. By Rachel Beckles Willson.
  • Trotta, Felipe. O samba e suas fronteiras: “Pagode romântico” e “samba de raiz” nos anos 1990. By Kariann Goldschmitt.
  • Hofman, Ana. Staging Socialist Femininity: Gender Politics and Folklore Performance in Serbia. By Brana Mijatovic.
  • Magowan, Fiona, and Karl Neuenfeldt, eds. Landscapes of Indigenous Performance: Music, Song and Dance of the Torres Strait and Arnhem Land and Stubington, Jill. Singing the Land: The Power of Performance in Aboriginal Life. By Åse Ottosson.
  • Vila, Pablo, and Pablo Semán. Troubling Gender: Youth and Cumbia in Argentina’s Music Scene. By Danielle Brown
  • Torp, Jörgen. Alte atlantische Tangos: Rhythmische Figurationen im Wandel der Zeiten und Kulturen. By Kendra Stepputat.
  • Koch, Lars-Christian. Sitar and Surbahar Manufacturing: The Tradition of Kanailal & Brother, Kolkata and Koch, Lars-Christian. Rudra vīṇā: Die Herstellung eines indischen Saiteninstruments in der Tradition Kanailal & Bros / Manufacturing of an Indian String Instrument in the Tradition of Kanailal & Bros. DVD. By Allen Roda.
  • Grauer, Victor. Sounding the Depths: Tradition and the Voices of History. By Marcello Sorce Keller.

Audio Reviews


  • Congo: Polyphonies pygmées du nord-Congo / Congo: Pygmy Polyphonies from North Congo. By Michelle Kisliuk.
  • Mauritanie / Mauritania: Coumbane Mint Ely Warakane. By Alessandra Ciucci.
  • Stambeli: L’héritage des Noirs de Tunisie / Stambeli: The Legacy of the Black Tunisians, Featuring Salah el-Ouergli. By Alessandra Ciucci.

Central America and the Caribbean

  • La India Canela: Merengue Típico from the Dominican Republic. By Ruthie Meadows.

South America

  • Colombie: Adoration à l’enfant-Dieu (Département du Cauca) / Colombia: Adoration of the Christ Child (Cauca Department). By Michael Birenbaum Quintero.
  • Music from Aluku: Maroon Sounds of Struggle, Solace, and Survival. By Gage Averill.

Central Asia

  • Rainbow: Kronos Quartet with Alim and Fargana Qasimov and Homayun Sakhi. By Inna Naroditskaya.

Southeast Asia

  • Bali: Terompong beruk: Le gamelan de Bangle / Bali: Terompong Beruk: The Gamelan of Bangle. By Elizabeth A. Clendinning.
  • From Kuno to Kebyar: Balinese Gamelan Angklung. By Michael Tenzer.
  • Indonésie: Chants de Biboki (Timor occidental) / Indonesia: Songs of Biboki (Western Timor). By Margaret Kartomi.

West Asia

  • Turquie: La cérémonie des derviches de Konya / Turkey: The Ceremony of the Konya Dervishes. By Victor A. Vicente.

Australia and Oceania

  • 1909 • 1936 Walzenaufnahmen aus Palau, Mikronesien / Wax Cylinder Recordings from Palau, Micronesia / Chesols er a Belau, Micronesia el mlengai el ousbech a “wax cylinder”. By Yamaguti Osamu.


  • Invozho: Traditional Songs of Udmurtia, Syulgam: Traditional Songs of Mordovia, and Pajod: Pit’k Randaane: Lyydiläisiä Lauluja / Ludian Song. By Janika Oras.
  • Italie: Musique des Albanais de Calabre / Italy: Music of the Albanians of Calabria. By Nicola Scaldaferri.
  • Jewish Cabaret in Exile: New Budapest Orpheum Society. By Edwin Seroussi.
  • Portugal: Musique de l’île de Porto Santo (Archipel de Madère) / Portugal: The Music of the Island of Porto Santo (Madeira Archipelago). By Jorge Castro Ribeiro.

Video Reviews

  • Music for a Goddess. By Matthew Allen.
  • We Loved Each Other So Much: Stories of Beirut and the Music of Fairuz. By Kenneth S. Habib.
  • I’ll Sing for You. By Nick Hockin.
  • Fela Kuti: Music Is the Weapon. By Marie Agatha Ozah.

Website Reviews

  • Growing into Music: Music Enculturation in Music Traditions. Produced by Lucy Durán, Nicolas Magriel, and Geoff Baker (with contributions by Sanubar Baghirova and Michele Banal). By Kirk King.
  • Comhaltas Traditional Music Archive. Produced by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. By Kathleen Wiens.
  • Tsikaya: Músicos do interior. Directed by Victor Gama, produced by PangeiArt. By Gianpaolo Chiriacò.
  • Músicos do Brasil: Uma enciclopédia instrumental. Produced by Banco de Música Serviços de Comunicação e Cultura Ltda. By José Alberto Salgado e Silva.
  • Tribal Music Asia: The Music of the Golden Triangle. Produced by Victoria Vorreiter. By Kendra Stepputat.
  • Alan Lomax Archive. At the Association for Cultural Equity website. By Ana Hofman.
  • An Audio Aggregation Platform for Europeana, funded by the European Commission. By Mike Anklewicz.
  • Digital Archive of the Taiwan Music Institute (國立傳統藝術中心台灣音樂館). By Wei-Ya Lin
  • Magyar népdaltípusok példatára (Collection of Hungarian folksong types). Produced by the Institute for Musicology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. By Colin Quigley.
  • Soundscapes Rostock: An Ethnomusicological View of City Sound. Produced by Barbara Alge and Frances Wilkins, in association with the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Rostock and the University of Technology, Business, and Design Wismar. By Thomas Hilder.

Support materials

"Voices of Sorrow: Melodized Speech, Laments, and Heroic Narratives among the Yezidis of Armenia" by Estelle Amy de la Bretèque (pp. 129-48)

Audio clips

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