International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Program Meeting 28th -30th September 2010

 ICTM Study Group for the Music and Dance of Oceania & ANU School of Music

Post Graduate Symposium Joint Meeting

To be held on 28th September – 1st October

Band Room, School of Music, Peter Karmel Building,

Childers St, ACTON

The Australian National University

Monday 28 September (Public Holiday in Canberra)


14:30-17:30   Meet at the School of Music front courtyard, participants who have arrived early are invited to visit the National Museum of Australia’s current exhibition - Yiwarra Kuju: The Canning Stock Route with Lee Anne. This exhibition explores the history and culture of the people whose Country surrounds Western Australia's most famous outback road.


17:30-19:30   Meet at the School of Music front courtyard for drinks and/or casual dinner at the Uni Pub for those interested.


Tuesday 28 September


9:00-10:30     Welcoming Address: Adrian Walter, Head School of Music, ANU

Keynote: Adrienne L. Kaeppler

                   Capturing Music and Dance in an Archive: A Meditation on Imprisonment

Chair: Denis Crowdy


10:30-11:00   Morning Tea


Session 1: Chair, Stephen Wild

 11:00-13:00  National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia: Round Table Discussion.

Allan Marett

Neparrnga Gumbula

Aaron Corn

Sally Treloyn


13:00-14:00   Lunch


Session 2: Chair, Karl Neuenfeldt

14:00-14:30   Don Niles

“Turning Heads,” “Cooking Noses,” and “Carrying Legs”: Archival Research and Courting Dances in the Papua New Guinea Highlands


14:30-15:00   Masaya Shishikura

Echoes of Coral Dust: Song Lyrics as Tangible Records in Search of Historical Truthfulness


15:00-15:30   Michael Webb

Towards an understanding of colonial composition in Melanesia: An examination and discussion of source material related to Tolai musician Blasius ToUna


15:03-16:00   Afternoon Tea

                   Session 3: Chair, Kirsty Gillespie


 16:00-16.30  Helen Black

Fijian Meke – Indigenous Music – Whose Ownership, Whose Rights?


16:30-17:00   Brian Diettrich

‘The Contents of the Mat’: Cultural Perspectives on Music, Intangible Heritage, and Research in Micronesia


17:00-17:30   Julie Toliman-Turalir

                        RADAMATAN (Tearing the Leaf)              


Wednesday 29 September


                    Session 4: Chair, Kati Szego

9:00-9:30       Alex Francois

Holem taet kastom: A disc project from north Vanuatu


9:30-10:00     Kirsty Gillespie

Between a rock and a hard place: Applied ethnomusicology in the context of a gold mine’


10:00-10:30   Karl Neuenfeldt

Collaboration, Negotiation and Documentation: Producing Torres Strait Islander Community CDs/DVDs


10:30-11:00   Morning Tea


                   Session 5: Chair, Brian Diettrich

11:00-11:30   Naomi Faik-Simet

The Significance of the Gunge Takwaku Dance in the Kraku-Bandi Female Initiation Ceremony


11:30-12:00   Kuki Tuiasosopo

TOE TI MATA LE UPEGA: Re-enforcing Student Learning Outcomes at the American Samoa Community College


12:00-12:30   Yukihiro (Jungarrayi) Doi

                   Milpirri: A Bridge that Joins the Ancient with the Contemporary


12:30-13:30   Lunch


Session 6: Chair, Allan Marret

13:30-15:00   Decolonising Ethnomusicology in Oceania: Panel

                   Dan Bendrups

                        Aaron Corn

Sala Solomona


15:00-15:30   Afternoon Tea



18:00-19:30   ANU Public Lecture

Presenter: Don Niles

Title: Audiovisual Archives: Researcher’s delight or just a tease?

Introduction by Mandy Thomas, Pro Vice -Chancellor (Research & Graduate Studies), The Australian National University

                   Chair, Stephen Wild



Thursday 30 September


9:00-10:30     Keynote: Kati Szego

“Ghost Gestures” and Fantastic Memories:  What Writing Musical Experience Can Tell Us

Chair: Adrienne L. Kaeppler


10:30-11:00   Morning Tea


11:00-12:30   Session 6: Chair, Aaron Corn

Samuel Curkpatrick

Crossing Over - creating a past for the future


Julie Rickwood

Singing in Between?: The experience of ‘Cultural Inter-relatedness’ in Community Singing


Denis Crowdy

Diversity of recorded music production practice versus diversity of musical style in Papua New Guinea


12:30-13:30   Lunch


Session 7: Past Practices into the Present

Chair: Masaya Shishikura


13:30-14:00   Laura Van Rijn

Conforming to Standards: How the History of Symphony Orchestras Impacts Flute Auditions Held Today


14:00-14:30   Bradley Kunda

Trends and innovations in guitar fingering from ca. 1790-1830: selected methods and notated scores as evidence of performance practice conventions


14:30-15:00   Lay Yen Soh

Dampened Enthusiasm


15:00-15:30   Afternoon Tea


16:00-17:30   Business Meeting for the ICTM Study Group for Music and Dance in Oceania



18:00            Joint Dinner (ICTM Oceania Meeting & Graduate Symposium) at Asian Café

Friday 1 October


9:00-10:30     Keynote: Jane Davidson

The role of bodily movement in making music and understanding Western musical experience: exploration of theoretical contextualisation and case study observation

Chair: Susan West


10:30-11:00   Morning Tea


Session 8: Reflections on Past Performances

Chair: Laura Van Rijn


11:00-11:30   Anthony Smith

‘Adieu, Farewell Earth’s Bliss’: thanatos and eros in the Finale of Constant Lambert’s Piano Sonata


11:30-12:00   Katrina M. Hunt

Ethel Merman (1908-1984): The Doll from Astoria with a Trumpet in Her Voice


12:00-12:30   Andrew Baker

Violin Pedagogy – A Plethora of Opinion: a motive for Rigorous Investigation



12:30-13:30 Lunch



Session 9: Reading Textuality of Musical Pasts

Chair: Samuel Curkpatrick


13:30-14:00   Georgia Pike

Exploring Notions of Excellence in Community Music Making in Antiquity


14:00-14:30   Lawrence Mays

A comparative analysis of the recitativo in two composers' settings of Federico's libretto: La serva Padrona


14:30-15:00   Di Chenoweth

Using Conversation Analysis to Explore the Significance of

Staged Slovak Music Folklore



15:00-15:30   Afternoon Tea


15:30-16:30   (Round Table) 

Chair: Alistair Noble