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Applied Ethnomusicology comes to Rio in September 2022!

After 7 gatherings in Europe, Asia and Africa, the ICTM Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology (AE) is excited to announce its first meeting in the Americas.
Ethnomusicologists with interest in applied work are invited to join our meeting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from September 19-24, 2022 (with emphasis on AE), followed by a meeting from September 25-Oct 1st in Santiago de Chile (with emphasis on LatCar). Both are organised jointly with the ICTM Study group on Music and Dance in Latin America and the Carribean.
Over a period of twelve days, delegates will be able to get to know and discuss contemporary perspectives and practices in ethnomusicology from Latin America and the Carribean -with emphasis black and indigenous cultures- as well as applied research from four other continents.
The conferences will be hybrid in format: most presenters will come to Rio; others will participate online. To enable equitable access, no registration fees will be charged, but institutional delegates are invited to make a contribution.
While the full dawn to dusk program is still being finalised, these are some of the highlights of the Rio gathering:
- Opening address by Svanibor Pettan (President ICTM) on “15 Years of Applied Ethnomusicology at ICTM” (Sep 19)
- Keynote Sessions by Musicultura with Samuel Araújo e Mariluci Nascimento (Sep 20) and by Quilombola Sounds featuring Mestre Naldinho - Arnaldo de Lima; Ana Mumbuca; Nego Bispo - Antônio Bispo dos Santos (Sep 22)
- Roundtables on Indigenous knowledge systems, education, ecologies, methodologies, copyright, and developing and finding funding for projects.
In total, there will be over 50 papers and presentations featuring AE and LatCar in Rio, divided over keynotes, roundtables, paper sessions, workshops and concerts featuring indigenous music and knowledge systems, education projects, and working with communities and authorities in myriad ways.
Confirmed workshops include Tikuna Music – Djuena Tikuna (Sonora Brasil);
Vissungo Group Spirito Santo; and Sonora Brasil SESC (indigenous group Fulni-ô), as well as concerts and informal musical gatherings.
To follow program updates and/or join us live or online in September, check out our Facebook page.