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ICTM Study Group on Music and Gender

The Music and Gender Study Group Meeting in Bern 2016

Mission Statement:

The ICTM Study Group on Music and Gender seeks to promote the growth of insight and understanding of gender as a critical factor in social interaction and thereby contribute meaningful theoretical dimensions to any study of musical culture.

Objectives (adopted at its second meeting at the Freie Universität in West Berlin on July 27-29, 1987):

A gender balanced view of musical and dance activities is required since our work produces documents which in the future will be a source for historians and other scholars. Towards this end, we will: 

  1. Encourage understanding of gender in terms of the roles it plays in societies.
  2. Stimulate critical evaluation of gender roles within our discipline. 
  3. Identify basic lacunae in the areas of music and dance cross-culturally.
  4. Expand the methodological and theoretical bases for data collection and provide a forum for the presentation and interpretation of new material.
  5. Publish and disseminate research findings. 


Barbara L. Hampton
Director, Graduate Program in Ethnomusicology
Hunter College of The City University of New York
695 Park Avenue HN400F
New York, New York 10065


Barbara L. Hampton with Pirkko Moisala 1985

Past Chairs

1985-1987: Barbara L. Hampton and Jane Mink Rossen
1987-1993: Marcia Herndon and Suzanne Ziegler
1993-1997: Marcia Herndon and Pirkko Moisala
1997-1999: Pirkko Moisala
1999-2000: Pirkko Moisala and Carol Babiracki
2000-2005: Carol Babiracki and Fiona Magowan
2005-2013: Fiona Magowan and Nina Tshishvili
2013-2015: Barbara L. Hampton
2015-ongoing: Barbara L. Hampton and Marko Kölbl


Operating Procedures in attachment below

PRELIMINARY PROGRAM of the ICTM Joint Symposium - Vienna 2018

The Study Group on Music and Gender welcomes you to Vienna, Austria for the 10th Study Group Symposium of the Study Group on Music and Gender, for the first time held as a Joint Symposium with the Study Group on Music and Minorities. 

The Preliminary Program is available here and attached below

Call for papers: 10th Symposium - Joint Symposium of Study Groups on Music and Minorities and on Music and Gender

The Call for Papers for the 10th symposium of the Study Group on Music and Gender is available here and attached below.

(The corresponding Call for Papers from the Study Group on Music and Minorities is available here.)

9th Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Gender

9th Symposium

Study Group on Music and Gender 

of the

International Council for Traditional Music
University of Bern, Bern, Switzerland
July 13-16, 2016




Past Meetings: 

The Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland --Founding Meeting   5-7 August 1985

Freie Universitat, Berlin (FRG)  27-29 July 1987                                                                            

Musicological Seminar of the University of Heidelberg (FRG) 21-26 June 1988

Freie Universitat, Berlin  14 June 1993

Nordic Forum and University of Turku, Finland 4-7 August 1994


 Music, Gender and Culture.  Guest Editors: Marcia Herndon and Suzanne Ziegler.  International Council for Traditional Music.  ICTM Study Group on Music and Gender.  Wilhelmshaven:  Florian Noetzel Verlag. 1990. (Intercultural Music Studies 1.) 307 pp. with bibliography, index and illustrations.

Music and Gender.  Beverley Diamond and Pirkko Moisala, eds.  Champaign-Urbana, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2000. ISBN 13-978-0252068652 



The next business meetings of the ICTM Study Group on Music and Gender will take place at the 45th ICTM World Conference in Bangkok, Thailand hosted by Chulalongkorn University in 2019 on a day and at a time to be announced.