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Final Programme of the 47th ICTM World Conference (13–19 July 2023, Legon, Ghana)

Each session in the programme has, in addition to its title, a unique identifier consisting of three components: a Roman numeral, a capital letter, and an Arabic numeral. The Roman numeral refers to the day of the conference (I-VII). The capital letter indicates a particular time period within each day (A=early morning, B=late morning, C=lunchtime, D=early afternoon, E=late afternoon, F=early evening, and G=late evening). The Arabic numeral identifies parallel sessions. As an example, the identifier “IID05” describes the fifth parallel session held on the second day of the conference, in the early afternoon.

Chairs are listed following the session title. Room codes are listed in square brackets following the session title. Organised panels are identified with an asterisk (*) preceding the name of the panel. Plenaries, films, workshops and Study Group welcome meetings are labelled accordingly.

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  • Film Festival. The conference includes the screening of nine films. All films can be access online across the duragon of the conference at the following link: Please use password "Ghana2023!" (without the double quotes). Additionally, films will be screened in-person according to the schedule below.

Last update: 17 July 2023

Final Conference Programme

Day I: Thursday, 13 July 2023

IA Opening Ceremony (chair: Svanibor Pettan) [CCAUD]
09:00   Opening Ceremony
10:30–11:00 Morning coffee break
IB Keynote address (chair: Daniel Avorgbedor) [CCAUD]
11:00 Olabode Omojola Keynote address
13:00–14:30 Lunch break and Study Group welcome meetings
IC01 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Sylvie Le Bomin) [CC2]
13:00   African Musics
IC02 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg) [CC4]
13:00   Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe
IC03 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Şebnem Sözer Özdemir) [CC5]
13:00   Music of the Turkic-speaking World
IC04 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC3]
13:00   Musics of East Asia
ID Plenary: * Indigenous Ghanaian music and dance research for community development, cohesion, and cultural continuity: new pathways forward (chair: Michael Frishkopf) [CCAUD] 
14:30 Eric Baffour Awuah Ghanaian music and dance research for community development: conceptualizing future trends
15:00 Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor Redefining the Role of Anlo-Ewe music and Dance forms in Knowledge Transmission
15:30 Habib Iddrisu Balankung: Revival of an Indigenous Music-Dance Tradition
16:00 Michael Frishkopf Traditional Music and Dance as Sustainable Social Technologies for Community Wellbeing: Singing and Dancing for Health in Ghana
16:30–17:00 Afternoon coffee break
17:00 George Worlasi Kwasi Dor and Marie Agatha Ozah Interrogating the Contemporary Salience of the Iria, Girls’ Transitional Rites, among the Okrika People in the Rivers State, Nigeria
17:30 Kanykei Mukhtarova Manas and the Guinness World Records: Search for Identity and the Nation-Building Process in New Kyrgyzstan
IE02 * Black Feminist Theory on Queer Hip Hop (chair: Lauron Kehrer) [CC1]
17:00 Lauron Kehrer "Sissy Style": Gender, Race, and Sexuality in New Orleans Bounce
17:30 Elliott H. Powell "Representing for My Ladies:" on Missy Elliott, Collaboration, and Black Queer Feminist Relationalities
18:00 Shanté Paradigm Smalls Butch Bois and Masculinity in the Music of Young M.A
IE03 Global Perspectives on the Practice of Ethnomusicology (chair: Kwasi Ampene) [CC2]
18:00 Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum Moving Away from Whiteness The Musicologist of Africa as an Indigenous Scholar
17:30 Iyadh EL KAHLA Ethnomusicology, a Discipline in the Shadow of Tunisian Academia: State of Initiation, Present, and Prospect.
17:00 Nico Staiti "Speranze Perdute": The Lost Hopes of a "Decolonized" Ethnomusicology. From an Italian Perspective
IE04 Understanding Festival Spaces: Activism, Sustainability, and Creativity (chair: Sergio Bordalo e Sá) [CC3]
17:00 Bubulinë Syla Set me free Campaign - The case of Sunny Hill Festival and its political activism role through music and dance performances
17:30 Solomon Gwerevende Applied ethnomusicology as decolonisation: Towards the development of muchongoyo cultural festival for sustainability in Zimbabwe
18:00 Rafael Caro Repetto The street, the theatre, and the web: struggles and creativity in the carnival of Cádiz
IE05 Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: Performance Interventions in Societies  (chair: Ukeme Udoh) [CC4]
17:00 Yuan-Hsin Tung Performing Reconciliation? An Examination of Wayang Potehi and Its Implication for The Multicultural Society of Indonesia
17:30 Ibrahim Uba Yusuf Peacebuilding Narrative in selected Hausa Music of Aminu Ala and Andy Batures
IE06 Music and Contexts of Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic (chair: Jennifer Sherrill) [CC5]
17:00 Rita Adaobi Sunday-Kanu Rethinking the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the musical cultures and research approaches in Nigeria
17:30 Rudolph T. Bedeley Impact of COVID-19 on Music Major Students and Professional Musicians: The Case of Southeastern U.S.
IE07 Knowledge and Society: New Case Studies of Music Genres and Institutions (chair: Sylvia Bruinders) [AS216]
17:30 Will Porter Cross-cultural collaborations in music education and public health at Addis Ababa juvenile detention center
18:00 Barbara Alge Socopé, Ússua and Rumba from São Tomé and Príncipe: questions of "música tradicional" and "música urbana"
IF Plenary: * Roundtable— Boundaries, Borderlands, and Belonging: Translocal Performances as Decolonizing and Community-forming Forces (chair: Sarah Weiss) [CCAUD] 
18:45 Panellists

Tan Sooi Beng, Rachel Ong, Kendra Stepputat, Sarah Weiss, Helena Simonett

Day II: Friday, 14 July 2023

IIA01 * Jazz Cosmopolitanisms in Africa, Whose Cosmopolitanism? (chair: Oladele Ayorinde) [CCAUD]
08:30 Richard (Rick) M. Deja Jazz and Afro-positivism: Music and Mobility in (and around) Malawi
09:00 Adeolu O. Ogunsanya African Jazz Cosmopolitanism: A case of the Afrolinks Jazz Band, Ibadan, Nigeria
09:30 Abiodun Adebiyi Jazz in Lagos city between 1986 and 1995: the Jazz 38 Experience
IIA02 Performing Resilience: Power Dynamics in Music and Dance (chair: Urmimala Sarkar) [CC1] 
08:30 Anna Hoefnagels "Stay Strong": Female Inuit Singer-Songwriters’ Songs of Resilience and Trauma
09:00 Amritha Sruthi Radhakrishnan Dancing to 'Walk': Creating a transformative space through activism in dance - Maya Krishna Rao and contemporary dance in India
09:30 Grijda Spiri Suppression of Grief and Oppression of Social Behavior under Albanian Communist Agenda
IIA03 Archives and Decolonisation: Accessibility, Ethics, and Sharing (chair: Sarah Weiss) [CC2]
08:30 Mark Perry & Dominick Tucker Towards the Decolonization of Native American Music Recordings
09:00 Fatima NURLYBAYEVA Sounds of the Turkic World: Decolonization of Musical Archives
09:30 Nicole Madeleine Pooley Music archives and the ethics of digital accessibility
10:00 Minako Waseda Japanese-American Oral History Digital Archive "Hidden Legacy": Toward the Accumulation and Sharing of Ethnomusicological Data
IIA04 Voices and Representations of Women in Traditional and Commercial Song and Dance (chair: Ama Oforiwaa Aduonum) [CC3]
08:30 EKPO, Omotolani Ebenezer Music Discourse Analysis of "Women Song and Dance of Peace": The Wukari Jukun Narrative
09:00 Shi Lei Strategic Discourse and Expressions of Revolution: Women's Songs and Performances in the Central Soviet Area of China, 1929–1934
09:30 Iva Nenić Playing (With) the Gender: Recontextualizing Womanhood Through the Gusle Music Tradition
10:00 Elileojo Laura Etemah Women’s Visibility and Representation in the Field of Music Production. A Comparative Analysis of the Ghanaian and Nigerian Music
IIA05 * The Use of Phylogeny to Understand the Evolution of Musical Instruments in Oral Populations (chair: Sylvie Le Bomin) [CC4]
08:30 Sylvie Le Bomin The Use of Phylogeny to Understand the Evolution of Musical Instruments in Oral Populations
09:00 Salomé Strauch Cultural Evolution: The Cladistic Analysis of the Morphology of Central African Harps
09:30 Pierre Darlu From Matrix to Tree: Parsimony Applied to the Evolution of Central African Harps.
10:00 Guillaume Lecointre The Usefulness of Phylogenies
IIA06 Movements Across Boundaries: Diasporic, Digital Spaces, and Dance (chair: Kirk Sullivan) [CC5]
08:30 Jasmina Talam Popular Music and Identity: Bosnian music bands in Sweden
09:00 Samuel Weigel Digital Minyanim: Jewish musical heritage in transeuropean contexts
09:30 Segun Odusoro and Olupemi Oludare Rethinking and Decolonizing Contemporary African Music and Dance: The Role of Konkolo Rhythm in Naija Hip-Hop as Agency for Cult
10:00 Daniel Suer Dances with Tables. Altered Materialities of Dance Practices in Heavy Metal as Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
IIA07 * Musicking Toward Peace in Sub-Saharan Africa: Explorations in Sustainable Peacebuilding Through Music-Making and Dance (chair: Roberta King) [AS216]
08:30 Megan Meyers Creativity from Chaos: Meaning-Making through Musiking in Mozambique
09:00 Daniel Dama Fulbe Singing and Dancing Toward Peace: Healing and Interfaith Dialogue in Benin
09:30 James Krabill Singing Peace: A Study of Peace Themes in the Early Songs of the Harrist Church among the Dida People of Ivory Coast
10:00 Roberta King The Pursuit of Peace through Group Composing, Creating Songs of Forgiveness in Kenya
10:30–11:00 Morning coffee break
IIB01 Individuals and Their Influence in the Development of Ethnomusicology and Anthropology (chair: Tan Sooi Beng) [CCAUD]
11:00 Chris Batterman Cháirez and Jacob Reed Music in the Thought of Franz Boas: Notes Towards a Musical History of Anthropology
11:30 LING Jiasui Historical Site: Hugh Tracey's African Music Archives and His Practice on "Archive-making"
12:00 Don Niles and Carlos Yoder The Council’s Executive Secretaries, 1963–69: The Challenges of Doing Research on the Council’s History
12:30 Mr. Bernett Nkwayi Mulungo An African Composer
IIB02 Contexts and Conflicts: The Challenges and Opportunities of Applied Ethnomusicology (chair: Helena Simonett) [CC1]
11:00 Ukeme Akpan Udoh Borderline Colonisation in Applied Ethnomusicology: Appropriation or Changes in the Ibibio traditional music of Nigeria
11:30 Huib Schippers Beyond the Field: Reapplying Ethnographic Skills to Succeed and Survive in Applied Ethnomusicology
12:00 Musicultura Group Archives and Applied Ethnomusicology in Contexts of Social Conflict: Reflections on the Musicultura Archives in Rio de Janeiro
IIB03 Music within Diverse Environments: Material, Urban, and Digital Spaces (chair: Meri Haami) [CC2]
11:00 Josh Brew Of Materiality and the Environment: Towards a Sustainable Ecology with Palmwine Music?
11:30 Olusegun Stephen Titus Nigeria Popular Music and Dance on Human and Planetary Well-Being: Lagos Urban Pollution and Environmental Sustainability
12:00 Jenna Sears Digital Jewish Soundscapes: A Ritual Study of Shabbat Services in Response to Covid-19
IIB04 Diasporic Identities in Dance and Music (chair: Kendra Stepputat) [CC3]
11:00 Urmimala Sarkar Push and Pull of Performative Assertions: Marking Presence Through Dance in Diaspora
11:30 Catherine Foley Bharatanatyam and the Embodiment and Negotiation of Identity: The Indian Diaspora in Ireland
12:00 Gayle Murchison Remixing Zap Mama: Marie Daulne, Hip Hop, and the African Diaspora Ecos
IIB05 Christianity and Global Music: Liturgy, Community, and Identity (chair: Isaac Ibude) [CC4]
11:00 Heather MacLachlan Excellence, inclusivity and ethics in American church music-making
11:30 Marco F. Lutzu Ntonobe: Music and Dance in the Catholic Liturgy among the Fang in Equatorial Guinea
12:00 If-not-God Moses Negotiating the Intersectional Identities in the Music Culture of the Deeper Christian Life Ministries in Nigeria
IIB06 Women in Performance: Tradition, Change, and Meaning (chair: Omolara Loko) [CC5]
11:00 Anna Rezaei Performing Shahnameh in Iran: Naqqals, women and embodied emotion
11:30 Ifeanyi Onyedika Okafor Traditional Marriage Songs By Ezinifite Women in Aguata LGA, Anambra Nigeria
12:00 George Pioustin Creating the Ideal Woman Through Performance: Change and Continuity of Margamkali Tradition of the Syrian Christians of Malabar
IIB07 * Interdisciplinary Dialogue for the Study of the Evolution of Musical Instruments: The Ngombi Project on African Harps. (chair: Rémy Jadinon) [AS216]
11:00 Marc Allassonnière-Tang & Sylvie Le Bomin Comparing lexical and instrumental distances to infer language history: Preliminary results with harps in Central Africa
11:30 Susanne Fürniss Where are the harps? Musical Iconography in European Writings from the 16th to the 19th Century
12:00 Rémy JADINON Diversity of Uganda Harps, from Museum Collections to Today's Practices.
12:30 François Fabre; Jean-Loïc Le Carrou & Baptiste Chomette Central Africa harps: a study of strings’ geometrical and mechanical properties
IIB08 Film screening [Archive]
11:00 Athena Katsanevaki The Fairy Tale of the Island of Creta or "The Prince and the haunted island". Duration: 25m 5s
13:00–14:30 Lunch break and Study Group welcome meetings
IIC01 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC5]
13:00   Mediterranean Music Studies
IIC02 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Marie Agatha Ozah) [CC2]
13:00   Music, Education and Social Inclusion
IIC03 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Mayco Santaella) [CC3]
13:00   Performing Arts of Southeast Asia
IIC04 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: George Murer) [CC1]
13:00   Audiovisual Ethnomusicology
IIC05 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC4]
13:00   Iconography of the Performing Arts
IID01 Roundtable—* Human Rights, Social Justice, and the Sustainability of Traditional Performing Arts (chair: Catherine Grant) [CCAUD] 
14:30 Panellists

Ruth Opara, Yuan-Hsin Tung, Guilnard Moufarrej, Katarzyna Skiba, Subash Giri

IID02 Studies of Global Opera and Ballet (chair: Rafael Caro Repetto) [CC1]
14:30 Akiko Nozawa The Banjaran Sari Opera: The Imagined Hindu-Javanese Performing Arts of Indonesia
15:00 Deng Jia The Mermaid and the Beginnings of Chinese Folk Ballet
IID03 * Audiency beyond the concert hall (chair: Samuel Horlor) [CC2]
14:30 Rainer Polak, Samuel Horlor, and Lara Pearson Theorizing audiency
15:00 Samuel Horlor Ubiquitous audiency: Attention and everyday musical encounters in China
15:30 Rainer Polak Embedded audiency: Performing as audiencing at music-dance events in Mali
16:00 Lara Pearson Audiencing gestures and social interaction in Karnatak music lessons
IID04 Negotiating Dance in Heritage and Festival Contexts  (chair: Emmanuel Cudjoe) [CC3]
14:30 Kapambwe Lumbwe Negotiating Continuity and Change in Zambian Cultural Music and Dance for Surviving in a Changing World: A Case Study of Banthu
15:00 Jeanette Mollenhauer Reframing multicultural festivals: a vital catalyst for decolonizing ‘Australian dance.’
IID05 Film Discussions I (chair: Frank Gunderson) [CC4]
14:30 Athena Katsanevaki The Fairy Tale of the Island of Creta or "The Prince and the haunted island"
15:00 Tiziana Palandrani Bordar la luz (Embroidering the light)
15:30 Temi Ami-Williams Transforming the Transformed: Motion Capture as a means for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage .
IID06 Indigenous and Local Modes of Transmission in Dance and Music (chair: Paul Ntoh Afor) [CC5]
14:30 Peter Lell Exploring the Notion of "Transmission" in Contemporary Contexts: Learning Afghan Rubab
15:00 Nate Holder Investigating the absence of Barbadian Tuk Music in UK Music education
16:00 Lasanthi Manaranjanie Kalinga Dona


Healing Rituals and their Presence in Education in Sri Lanka
IID07 Music and Dance Education: Changing Contexts and Decolonization (chair: Ihechi Elizabeth Achom) [AS106]
14:30 Chen Yu Hao Sounding Hands: Manual Signs in Early Chinese Deaf Education
15:00 Nozuko Nguqu Indigenous African Music (IAM) performance assessment challenges: The case of Umlazi District
15:30 Antonio Bukhar Ssebuuma Teaching Afro-fusion in higher education as a means to aid decolonisation in dance studies.
16:00 Timothy Rice Decolonizing music curricula in service to society
IID08 * Arts Management, Cultural Policy, & the African Diaspora 1 (chair: Antonio C. Cuyler) [AS216]
14:30 Alasambom Nyingchuo Cultural Policy and the Film Sector in Cameroon
15:00 Brea Heidelberg Theorizing Street Cred: Exploring the Impact of Barriers to Entry and Advancement of (Hopeful) Black Arts Administrators
15:30 Ndubuisi C. Ezeluomba Cultural Patrimony and Discussion of the 1897 Invasion of Benin Kingdom: Some Questions for Arts Management Abstract
16:00 Amos Darkwa Asare Arts Management and Cultural Policy in Ghana
IID09 Conflict, Reconciliation, and Imagining Freedom. (chair: Svanibor Pettan) [INHUB1]
14:30 Olga Zaitseva-Herz Songs become weapons: Ukraine and Russia in 2022
15:00 Dion Malcolm Eaby-Lomas Kwaito’s Legacy of Imagining Freedom: Amapiano as Aesthetic and Convivial Encounter
15:30 Jeongin Lee Remembering the Forgotten War: Sound and Mnemonic Imagination in the DMZ Soundscape
IID10 Global Histories of Music and Dance (chair: Christiano Tsope) [INHUB2]
14:30 Débora Grácio Santos "We just liked singing and dancing"- the role of Folklore groups during the 20th Century Portuguese dictatorship
15:00 Matildie Wium Revisiting Gerhard Kubik’s Àló studies: Serendipity, Convivial Scholarship and Historical Ethnomusicology
15:30 Astrid Nielsch From Africa to Spain: Dance Music for Harp From C. 1700
16:00 Lee, Mei-Yen The Theoretical and Practical Significance of the Yayuewu of Confucianism in Taiwan’s Confucian Ritual Ceremony
16:30–17:00 Afternoon coffee break
IIE01 * Shifting Aesthetics and Reimagining Meanings of Spirit Encounters: Sound, Movement, and Religious Hybridity in Southeast Asia (chair: Lorenzo Chiarofonte ) [CCAUD]
17:00 Gene Lai Taking cues from Taoist and Hindu Folk Deities: The Development of Singaporean and Malaysian Uṟumi Mēḷam
17:30 Xiaorong Yuan The Crown Prince, Teochew Opera and forming the Chinese-Thai Community: the study of Chinese-Thai Operatic Activities in Bangkok
18:00 Luigi Monteanni Coarse and noisy: genre formations, imagined genealogies and aesthetic commentary between réak and extreme metal in West Java
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Performing Arts of Southeast Asia
IIE02 Collaboration, Community, and Wellbeing in Music Research  (chair: Marcia Ostashewski) [CC1]
17:00 Huang Wan A newly emerging ‘pitiful’ sound: Okinawan Ryukyu Karen in the views of Art Therapy and Well-being
17:30 Ming-Hui Ma Forming a Collaborative Relationship between a Researcher and the Researched in Contemporary Taiwan: A Case Study from Beiguan
IIE03 Materialities of Music (chair: Lee Watkins) [CC2]
17:00 Great Lekakul Reconceptualisations of Phin Pia's Sound Identity in Contemporary Lanna Culture
17:30 Avril McLoughlin Exploring the nature of music theory in the context of Irish traditional music
18:00 María del Mar Ocaña Guzmán How does ‘heritage’ sound? Researching sound-archives logics, materialities, and violence(s)
IIE05 Politics and the Nation: Negotiating Collective Identities in Music and Dance (chair: Eyram Fiagbedzi) [CC4]
17:00 Roozbeh Nafisi Iranian Traditional Music in Lives of Iranians Under the Rule of the Islamic Republic
17:30 Guo Jingxuan Conflict and Compromise:Music and Dance at Canton Fair in the Cultural Revolution
18:00 Kolawole Gbolahan Cornelius Reclaiming the Poetics of Indigenous Labrosones (Horns/Trumpets)
18:30 Juliana Catinin "New Packaging for Old Interests, the Hook of the Right Made the Left Become a Fish": Discussion on Neoliberalism, Ideology and Depoliticization in Ethnomusicology
IIE06 Musical Analysis and Representation in Genres and Media (chair: Cristiano Tsope) [CC5] 
17:00 YiJing Fang The study of Wind and Thunder of Wu Zhi Zhai Qin's Score
17:30 Eshantha Joseph Peiris Decolonizing Understandings of Rhythm
18:00 Scott Currie "That Bassline Is Nyabinghi!": Resonances of African Diasporic Roots Drumming in Jamaican Reggae Riddims
IIE07 * Arts Management, Cultural Policy, & the African Diaspora 2 (chair: Antonio C. Cuyler) [AS216]
17:00 Karen Chandler Uniquely Gullah: Africanisms in Jazz
17:30 Eyram E. K. Fiagbedzi and Richardson Commey Fio Ghana’s Cultural Policy and (Dis)Empowerment: A Three-Decade’s Reflections on the Centres for National Culture (CNC)
18:00 Suzanne Alleyne Examining the Black British Arts Management Experience Through the Lens of Power
18:30 Pawlet Brookes Black British Cultural Practice in an Era of Change
IIE08 Global Communities: Identity, Education, and Sustainability  (chair: Felix Morgenstern) [INHUB1]
17:00 Ya-Chen Lee Identity Empowerment of Shen Ai Indigenous Children-Aetós Studio: Community Music Initiative, Social Media Strategy in Taiwan
17:30 XIN LU, FENGJIAO ZHANG, JIA LIU Using the TPACK model to explore the challenges and countermeasures of online music education during COVID-19
18:00 Chara Charalambous Limassol Carnival Serenades: An Applied Ethnomusicological Approach to Sustaining Sound Communities
IIE09 Representation and Identity: Cultural Intersections in Local Music Practices (chair: Joshua Amuah) [INHUB2]
17:00 Dave Wilson Representing African Music at the Site of a European Jazz Festival
17:30 Eric A. Galm Transatlantic Intersections of Faith, Place, and Space in the Brazilian Congado Mineiro
18:00 Babak Nikzat "Only We Can Play Dammām With the Right Mood!" The role of people of African heritage in religious ceremonies in southern Iran
18:30 Yao Cui Negotiating Musical and Cultural Spaces within the Chinese Diaspora: The Toronto Chinese Orchestra as Case Study
IIE10 Film screening [Archive]
17:00 Tiziana Palandrani Bordar la Luz (Embroidering the Light). Duration: 39m 28s
IIF 5th Assembly of Study Group Chairs (chair: Lee Tong Soon) [CCAUD]
19:00   The assembly is open to representatives of Study Groups only (one Chair or other representative per Study Group)

Day III: Saturday, 15 July 2023

IIIA01 * Sub-Saharan African Music in Foreign Travellers’ Accounts: Cultural Encounters, Epistemological Problems, Methodological Challenges (part 1) (chair: Susanne Fürniss) [CCAUD]
09:00 Gabriela Currie and Simon Mwaniki Encountering Music in Africa: the Kingdom of Kongo in Early Modern European Writings
09:30 Susanne Fürniss Giovanni Antonio Cavazzi's 17th-Century Account of Angola: Musical Iconography as a Source for the History of Musical Instrument
10:00 Nine Agneray-Fofana Giovanni Antonio Cavazzi's 17th-Century Account of Angola and Its Illustrations: Cross-References to Early Musical Practices
IIIA02 * Ecomusicology and Performance 1 (chair: Myfany Turpin) [CC1]
09:00 Clint Bracknell Performing Noongar Song on Country
09:30 Sudiipta Dowsett Milpirri Eco-Somatics: Hip-Hop and Warlpiri Embodied Senses of Place
10:00 Georgia Curran Warlpiri Women Ceremonies About Fire and Rain: Australian Aboriginal Songs as Repositories of Biocultural Knowledge
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance of Oceania
IIIA03 * Raciality, Gender and Music Flows in the Context of Commercial Recordings: Three Case Studies in Portuguese-Speaking Countries (chair: Ana Flávia Miguel) [CC2]
09:00 Cristiano Tsope Colonial Ideologies, Policies and Absence of Local Musical Practices in Radio Mozambique 78 rpm Records
09:30 Ana Flávia Miguel Cesária Évora and the Overture of Routes for Other Cape-Verdean Women's Voices
10:00 Pedro de Moura Aragão Macumbas and Batuques for Sale: Racialization and the Construction of Otherness in the Brazilian Phonographic Industries
IIIA04 * Bringing Back the Sounds of Historical Siwa? Challenges and Potentials of Musical Repatriation (chair: Matthias Pasdzierny) [CC3]
09:00 Matthias Pasdzierny Music East & West? The German-Jewish Ethnologist and Composer Brigitte Schiffer and her recordings of the Siwa people (1932/33)
09:30 Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco Repatriating Brigitte Schiffer’s Sound Recordings from Siwa
10:00 Valentina Schiattarella Repatriating Brigitte Schiffer’s Siwa Recordings From a Linguistic Perspective
IIIA05 Materiality and Sound [CC4]
09:00 Isabel Frey The afterlife of Yiddish folksong and the materiality of the Yiddish voice
09:30 Nicola Renzi, Laura Chiara Amato Gendered Sounds and Materiality in the Sicilian Puppet Theatre
10:00 Bo Yang The Pūtōrino from New Zealand: Approaches to the Analysis and Meaning of an Instrumental Sound
IIIA06 * Popular Music and Activism in Cross-Cultural Reverberations: Possibilities and Limitations across the Asia-Pacific (chair: Pei-ling Huang) [CC5]
09:00 Tasaw Hsin-chun Lu Facebook Revolutionary Soundscape: Song Remaking and Affective Attunement Amongst the Sino-Myanmar "Generation Z"
09:30 Yuan-Yu Kuan Riding Global Musical Waves: Indigenous Resistance Through Intercultural Musicking in Contemporary Taiwan
10:00 Pei-ling Huang Ecological Perspectives on Popular Music Platforms and Online Activist Campaigns after the 2022 Pakistan Megafloods
IIIA07 * Ethnomusicological Turn in Higher Music Education Curricula in Brazil and Mozambique: Challenges and Decolonial Propositions (chair: Luis Ricardo Silva Queiroz) [AS106]
09:00 Francisco de Assis Santana Mestrinel Decolonizing Brazilian Popular Percussion
09:30 Luis Ricardo Silva Queiroz Dialogues and Interactions among Afro-Brazilian Culture and Music Higher Education in Brazil
10:00 Joaquim Borges A. Gove An Ethnomusicological Look at the Student Representations in Higher Music Education Curriculum at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
IIIA08 The Significance of Place in Music and Dance Practices (chair: Eduardo Reis Falcao) [AS216]
09:00 José Alberto Daniel Chemane Exploring ngalanga’s recontextualization within contemporary music in Mozambique
09:30 Mridupankhi Rajkumari The Satra Arts of Assam: negotiating antiquity, authenticity and modernity
10:00 Cara Stacey, Mark Aranha, Kristy Stone Ife and Bilal: An intercultural, practice-based intervention
IIIA09 New Perspectives on Music and Dance in the Diaspora (chair: John Collins) [INHUB1]
09:00 Allia guillot Fusion in Gnawa Music: A Study in Moroccan Diasporas
09:30 Marin Naruse Japanese Island Music Diaspora: An Autoethnographic Case Study From an Amami Island 島唄 唄者 (Shimauta Singer) in Tokyo
10:00 Andrew Ssebulime Trondheim: A Ugandan Dance Microcosm
IIIA10 Instruments and Materials in Diverse Contexts (chair: Julie Searles) [INHUB2]
09:00 Anthony Dzisah Surrogate Techniques and Performance Practice of the Dondo (Hourglass-Drum) in the Context of the Eʋe Presbyterian Church, Ghana
09:30 Andrew Snyder Traditional Associativism as a Socio-Economic Foundation for the Untraditional Ventures of a Portuguese Brass Band
10:00 Daniela Ivanova-Nyberg Sound-Making Bodies, Objects, Technologies: Exploring the "Materiality" of Bulgarian Music and Dance
10:30–11:00 Morning coffee break
IIIB01 * Sub-Saharan African Music in Foreign Travelers’ Accounts: Cultural Encounters, Epistemological Problems, Methodological Challenges (part 2) (chair: Janie Cole) [CCAUD]
11:00 Daniela Castaldo Pieter de Marees’ ‘Description and Historical Tale of the Golden Kingdom of Africa’: Music and Instruments in Texts and Images
11:30 Janie Cole Foreign Narratives of Musical Encounters in the Christian Kingdom of 16th- and 17th-Century Ethiopia
12:00 Estelle Joubert Atlantic Seafaring and Musical Depictions of the Khoekhoe in Southern Africa
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on African Musics
IIIB02 * Ecomusicology and Performance 2 (chair: Georgia Curran) [CC1]
11:00 Sebastian J. Lowe Breathing With a River
11:30 Myfany Turpin The Potency of Vocal Production in Central Australian Aboriginal Society
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance of Oceania
IIIB03 * Musics and Human Rights Violations in Latin America and the Caribbean (chair: Javier Silvestrini) [CC2]
11:00 Julio Mendívil Huayno music and the memories of the armed struggle of Sendero Luminoso in Ayacucho, Peru
11:30 Pablo Rojas Sahurie Singing to Violence: Music and Resistance to the Chilean Dictatorship
12:00 Javier Silvestrini Plena in San Juan, Pounding the Untold
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean
IIIB04 Case Studies of the Black Atlantic and Beyond (chair: Birgitta J. Johnson) [CC3] 
11:00 Alaba Ilesanmi "Songs for Survival": A Case Study of Fela’s Reincarnation in the Black Atlantic Soundscape
11:30 Elina Djebbari Towards the Creole Atlantic? From Transatlantic Creolized Quadrilles to the Bollo Music Dance Genre of the San Pedro Region, Ivo
IIIB05 Sounding the Past in the Present: New Perspectives on Music Histories (chair: Hande Sağlam) [CC4]
11:00 Farah Zahra Displaced Archives: A [Hi]story of the Cassettes’ Collections of the Iraqi Maqam
11:30 Tanja Halužan Traditional Music of Central Croatia in the Production of Early Domestic Record Companies – a Nucleus of the Local Repertoire St
12:00 Steven Moon Music at the Abode of Felicity: Composition and Performance by the Women of the Ottoman Imperial Harem
12:30 Saumya Mani Tripathi Muharram in Kashmir: Historical Trauma, performance and Resistance
IIIB06 Gender and Power: Women’s Voices in Global Contexts (chair: Rachel Ong) [CC5]
11:00 Chia-An (Victor) Tung One Women Religious and Gender Power: The Musical Legacy of Isabel Taylor in Formosa
11:30 Purab Riddhi Chaudhuri Role of women and power of the spoken word in singing traditions within the indigenous Apatani of Arunachal Pradesh, India.
12:00 Yalda Yazdani The Female Voice of Afghanistan: An Ethnographic Research by Focusing on the Musical Activities of Women singers in Afghanistan and the Impacts of Migration
IIIB07 * Composing New Music in Africa: Conceptual, Aesthetic and Pedagogical Perspectives (chair: Lukas Ligeti) [AS216]
11:00 Martin Scherzinger Making Melodies in the Time of Mbira
12:00 Onche Rajesh Ugbabe African Symphonism: A West African Perspective on the Use of Traditional Music Elements in Orchestral and Chamber Music
12:30 Lukas Ligeti New Directions in Composition and Pedagogy Based on Concepts from African Music Traditions
IIIB08 * Beyond the "Digital Return": "New Heritage/s," Sustainability, and the Decolonisation of Music Archives in South Africa, Kenya a (chair: Lee Watkins) [INHUB1]
11:00 Lee Watkins Mechanical Reproduction and the Decolonisation of the Aura in Hugh Tracey's Shellac Records
11:30 Tom Mboya Present–Ing the Past in Luo Popular Music
12:00 Markus Coester Decolonial Means What? Conditions of "Digital Return" and the Re/Creation of New Music Heritage
12:30 Daniel Avorgbedor Discussant
IIIB09 Film screening [Archive]
11:00 Richard Wicksteed SanDance! Duration: 60m
13:00–14:30 Lunch break and Study Group welcome meetings
IIIC01 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC2]
13:00   Multipart Music
IIIC02 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Kendra Stepputat and Rafael Caro Repetto) [CC3]
13:00   Sound, Movement, and the Sciences
IIIC03 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC1]
13:00   Indigenous Music and Dance
IIIC04 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC4]
13:00   Maqām
IIID Plenary: 46th Ordinary Meeting of the General Assembly of Members   (chair: Svanibor Pettan) [CCAUD] 
14:30   The General Assembly is open to all ICTM members in good standing
Registration links to join the General Assembly have been emailed to all ICTM members in good standing
16:30–17:00 Afternoon coffee break
IIIE01 Musical Conflict and Dispossession (chair: Salwa El-Shawan Castelo-Branco) [CCAUD]
17:00 Razia Sultanova Afghanistan Dispossessed: Burqa, Bans, and Music in the Time of Taliban-2
17:30 Gale Franklin Listening to Whiteness: The Sounds and Silences of the "Freedom Convoy" Occupation in Ottawa
IIIE02 Indigeneity and the Environment (chair: Georgia Curran) [CC1]
17:00 Meri Haami He Whiringa Hīnaki: A Kaupapa Māori Ecomusicological Framework Using Te Awa Tupua
17:30 Ijeoma Iruka Forchu Decolonising the Concept of Environment in Igbo Indigenous Music
IIIE03 * The Lives of Musical Things: Dialogues Forged by Folk Music Artefacts and Materials in the Context of Post-folklorism (chair: Maria do Rosário Pestana) [CC2]
17:00 Maria do Rosário Pestana From the archive to the repertoire: pathways of memory, emotions and learning through historical sound records
17:30 Lucas André Wink Ethnographies of/in sound. An opportunity for open listening to learn about the traditional playing of bass drums
18:00 Rui Filipe Duarte Marques Dialogues around the luthier's workbench: reflections on the study of musical instruments as repositories of knowledge and memor
IIIE04 Roundtable—* Academics and Practitioners Decolonize Music Studies, Advancing the Inclusion of Autochthonous Music in Puerto Rico. (chair: Sara Selleri) [CC3]
17:00 Panellists

Sara Selleri, Pablo Luis Rivera, Margarita Sánchez Cepeda, Jaime O. Bofill Calero, N/A

Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music, Education and Social Inclusion
IIIE05 New Case Studies and Approaches to Fieldwork (chair: Elina Seye) [CC4]
17:00 Rakesh Kumar The Complex Nature of Multisite Ethnographic Fieldwork on the Siddi Goma/Dhamal, in Gujrat, India
17:30 Juan Diego Diaz Let’s Travel Together: Reflections on Accompanied Ethnomusicological Fieldwork in West Africa
IIIE06 Navigating COVID-19: Music Practices and Experiences   (chair: Rita Sunday-Kanu) [CC5]
17:00 Bonnie B. McConnell Women’s musical networks and COVID-19 communication in the Gambia
17:30 Eric Koome Murianki A One-Man Choir: Ogama’s Choral Music Practices in Spreading the Awareness of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Kenya
18:00 Bipasha Guptaroy Navigating Through the Covid -19 Pandemic – Experiences of some Indian Dance Practitioners
IIIE07 Taste, Touch, and Hearing: Ethnomusicology and the Senses (chair: Nii Dorte) [AS106]
17:00 James Félix The Food-Music Relationship and Cultural Expression: A Manifesto for Gastromusicology
17:30 John Wesley Dankwa Theorizing Sonic Experience in Dagara Funeral Ceremonies in Northwest Ghana
IIIE08 Instrument Relationships: Integrations, Intersections, and Identities  (chair: Sylvie Le Bomin) [AS216]
17:00 Yan LI Joint Inheritance, Sharing and Identity: Ethnic Integration in Yunnan Cross-ethnic Wedge Drum Music Culture
17:30 Masaya Shishikura A Japanese Musical Instrument in Africa: Intersecting Journeys of Taishōgoto and Karayuki-san
18:00 Salvatore Morra Reconsidering North African Lutes: Histories, Features and African Identities
IIIE09 Film screening [Archive]
17:00 Temi Ami-Williams Transforming the Transformed: Motion Capture as a means for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage. Duration: 10m

Day IV: Sunday, 16 July 2023

IVF Remembering Terada Yoshitaka: A Memorial Session (chair: Svanibor Pettan) [GH]
19:30 Panellists TBA

Day V: Monday, 17 July 2023

VA01 * Transatlantic Bridge: An African-Brazilian Discussion About Yoruba as a Connecting Element (chair: Peter Ninaus) [CCAUD]
08:30 Peter Ninaus Decolonization of the (research) system on the example of the Yoruba culture
09:00 Olupemi Oludare Rethinking Transatlantic elements in Musical Languages: the Musical and Linguistic Expressions in Yoruba Traditional Instrument
VA02 Changes and Developments in Instrumental Practice (chair: Mayco A. Santaella) [CC1]
08:30 Eric J. Schmidt Capital Nomads: Wodaabe Artists at the Margins of the Tuareg Guitar Scene in Niamey
09:00 Nico Mangifesta Expanding the Sonic Palette by Reshaping Instrumental Ensembles in Balinese New Music for Gamelan
09:30 Samuel Elikem Nyamuame Just Improvise: How Having Fun Is Leading to the Destruction of Ghanaian Drum Music Performance Practices
10:00 Xiao Mei,Xing Yuan Sensing Strange Histories — Material Changes of Chinese Chordophones in the 20th Century
VA03 Film Discussions 2 (chair: Celeste Landeros) [CC2]
08:30 Frank Gunderson Beloved Youth of Many Days - Stories About Mlimani Park Orchestra
09:00 Lea Hagmann Beyond Tradition – of Yodelling and Yoiking
VA04 * Redefining Black Music Research in Salvador Bahia – African Diaspora Music Practices in Ethnomusicology and Music Education (chair: Katharina Doring) [CC3]
08:30 Marcio Pereira de Jesus Decolonizing Black Music in Bahia - Brazil: Terminologies and Categories for Thinking About African Musical Arts in the Diaspora
09:00 Laurisabel Maria de Ana da Silva Black Sociabilities Built With Samba as a Tool in the Carnival of Nordeste De Amaralina, Salvador, Bahia
09:30 Katharina Doring Black Neighborhoods and Music Practice Beyond the Spotlights of Carnival in Bahia
10:00 Gilberto Gil Santiago Musical Reading for Rhythmists: Rhythmic knowledges and praxis in Salvador between "street" and "academy".
VA05 Moving Across Gender Boundaries in Dance and Music (chair: Marko Kölbl) [CC4]
08:30 ZHENGLIJUN Study and Research on the "Cross-Dressing" Phenomenon in the Zhuang’s(壮族) Shigong (师公) Ritual in Guangxi, China
09:30 Beatrice Sakyibea Nyarko Exploring the Boundaries of Motherhood and the Aging Female Dancing Body in the Professional Dance Category in Ghana
10:00 Nancy Henaku "Minyɛ bɛrima mi dɔ benada" (I am not an impotent man): Ghanaian Hiplife and the Rhetorics/Politics of Gender
10:30 Könczei Csilla "My Nanny was a good Hayduck dancer…" Masculinities and femininities in traditional dance cultures
VA06 Negotiating the Transmission and Distribution of Music and Dance (chair: Catherine Foley) [CC5]
08:30 Emmanuel Cudjoe From the palace to the academy: transmission politics within Kete dance performance in Ghana.
09:00 Ely Lyonblum Student-led Approaches to Teaching Foundations of Equity in Music Studies
09:30 Moses Adjetey Adjei The Significance of the Repertoire and Performance Style of the La Youngsters Choir: A Decolonial and Didactic Model for Contemp
10:00 Şebnem Sözer Özdemir Learning to Express the Human Heart with a Single Fan and a Single Body in Japanese Kamigatamai Tradition
VA07 New Approaches to Global Popular Music and Gender (chair: Austin Emielu) [AS216]
08:30 Wonder Maguraushe Welcome Imbube performing queens! Gendered cultural dynamics in contemporary music performance in Zimbabwe
09:30 Ihechi Elizabeth Achom Theoretical Perspectives on the Performance Practices of Selected Female Popular Musicians in Southern Nigeria.
10:00 Rebecca S. Miller `Aching The Notes’ and Challenging The Industry: Negotiating Gender on the Irish Showband Stage, 1957–1975
VA08 The Social Power of Music in Protest, Solidarity, and Rebellion (chair: Toyin Samuel Ajose) [INHUB1]
08:30 Ioannis Christidis Remembrance, Inter-Community Solidarity and Active Citizenship – Syrian Politically Charged Music in Europe
09:00 Rui Vilela Listening Session 03: Sonic fragments of decolonisation - the sound archive of the Liberation Movement in Guinea-Bissau
09:30 Kai Tang Musical Rebellion as a Means of Social Control: Centrally Regulated Music Industry and the Rise of Mainland Chinese Rock
10:30–11:00 Morning coffee break
VB Plenary: * Roundtable— (Re)Writing the (Ethno)Musicological Canon: Africa, Music Historiography, and Their Others (chair: ZdravKo Blažeković and Tina Frühauf) [CCAUD]
11:00 Panellists

Daniel Kodzo Avorgbedor, Bridget Chinouriri, Imani Sanga, Patricia Opondo, Nico Staiti

Session sponsored by Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM)
13:00–14:30 Lunch break and Study Group welcome meetings
VC01 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Siri Mæland) [CC2]
13:00   Ethnochoreology
VC02 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Beatriz Herrera and Javier Silvestrini) [CC3]
13:00   Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean
VC03 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Natalie Sarrazin) [CC4]
13:00   Music and Allied Arts of Greater South Asia
VC04 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC5]
13:00   Music in the Arab World
VC05 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC1]
13:00   Musical Instruments
VD01 Roundtable—* Activism: Five Cases in the Face of Tragedy, Despair and the Confrontation of Political Systems. (chair: Marita Fornaro Bordolli) [CCAUD]
14:30 Panellists

Julio Mendívil, Marita Fornaro Bordolli, Silvia Martínez García, Enrique Cámara de Landa, Adriana Cerletti

VD02 * Antagonistic Moves Towards Activism and Militarism: Gender and its Resonances in Popular Dance Music in Syria, Nigeria and Turke (chair: Sevi Bayraktar) [CC1]
14:30 Dotun Ayobade "Killin Dem": Masculinity and Ambivalent Activism in Burna Boy’s Stagecraft
15:00 Shayna Silverstein "And if we die, we die by dancing": Masculinity, Militarism, and Social Dance in the Syrian War
15:30 Olabanke Oyinkansola Goriola Dissenting Bodies and Gender freedom in Afrobeats: Hermes Iyele’s Dance Experiments
16:00 Sevi Bayraktar Folk Dance and Gender-bending as an Activist Tool for Political Participation in Turkey
VD03 * Colonialism Remixed? Music, Music Professionals, and the Rebuilding of Socio-Cultural Infrastructure in Global De/Post/Neo-Col (chair: Victor A. Vicente) [CC2]
14:30 Victor A. Vicente Dancing Decoloniality: Post/Colonial Struggles in Indian Film Songs
15:00 Natalie Sarrazin Decolonizing the "Colonial Mindset": Indian Music and Arts Education in the 21st Century
15:30 Kenneth Schweitzer Looking through the Lens of Decolonialization: The Near-Collapse of the Cuban Neo-Colonial Tourism Industry
16:00 Jon McCollum Music Diplomacy, Ethnomusicology, and the De-Colonization of Knowledge
VD04 Activism and Agency in Global Music and Dance  (chair: Marcia Ostashewski) [CC3]
14:30 Aristedes Narh Hargoe Dance Theatre and Activism in Ghana: An analysis of ‘Aze Yilo?’ (Is it Witchcraft?)
15:00 Teona Lomsadze We Will Win the War: Transformation of the Social and Political Activism Through Soviet and Post-Soviet Georgian Popular Music
15:30 Joseph Kunnuji Àlọ́ as Cultural Activism: Theorising the Agency of Yorùbá Storytelling
16:00 Weida Wang Constructing London Sinophone Communities through Sound
VD05 Roundtable—* Returning to Whole Practice – Embodiology in Response to COVID-19 (chair: S. Ama Wray) [CC4]
14:30 Panellists

S. Ama Wray, Carol Penn, Samuel Elikem Nyamuame, Cyrian Reed

VD06 Performativity: Exploring the Contexts and Creativity of Performance in New Research (chair: Siboné Oroza) [CC5]
14:30 Kafui Marcus C. Tay Vɔrsakpe’: Exploring Practice and Discussing Its Artistic Presentation
15:00 Bronwen Clacherty Performing "Herstory": Where Performance and Historical Research Meet
15:30 Sylvia Bruinders Listening Together: Performative Practices around Goema in the Western Cape, South Africa
16:00 Kristina Dolinina How Much Does the Body Know? Decolonizing of/Through Kathak Dance and Dancing Body in India and Indian Diaspora
VD07 * Performing Arts and the Royal Courts of Southeast Asia (chair: Mayco Santaella) [AS216]
14:30 Lorenzo Chiarofonte "The dance movements are Burmese rather than Siamese": A preliminary enquiry into the "Dance of the 9 gems"
15:00 Raja Iskandar Bin Raja Halid Music, Sufis and Power: The ‘Mystic-King’ Interdependency in Malay Sultanates
15:30 Mayco A. Santaella Performing Pusaka: Court Heritage Among the Kaili in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
16:00 Ricardo D. Trimillos Discussant
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Performing Arts of Southeast Asia
VD08 Sustainability and Transmission in Instrumental Traditions and Practices (chair: Ukeme Udoh) [INHUB1]
14:30 James Nderitu Kiragu Challenges and the Sustainability of the Kayamba Music Instrument of Kenya
15:00 Jose R. Taton, Jr. "Losing the Voice": The Waning Limug (Voice) of Gong Instruments in Contemporary Music, Dance, and Ritual Practices in Panay Isl
15:30 Temitope Oluwatosin Popoola Training Procedure and proficiency of Aloyinlapa African Drumming Institute in Lagos Nigeria
16:00 Mirjana Zakić Music creators in contemporary instrumental practice of Serbia
VD09 The Movement of People and Music: Refugees, Migrants, and Transnationalism (chair: Dominic D.B. Makwa) [INHUB2]
14:30 Jennifer Sherrill Performing Citizenship: The Role of R.A.D. Music International in Refugee Integration on Lesvos, Greece
15:00 Mark Lenini Parselelo Creating Nairobi Music Sound Through the Lives of Migrant and Refugee Workers
15:30 Samuel Boateng Caleb Quaye in Britain: Migration, Decolonization, Jazz Transnationalism, 1895–1922
VD10 Film screening [Archive]
14:30 Frank Gunderson Beloved Youth of Many Days - Stories About Mlimani Park Orchestra. Duration: 1h 51m
16:30–17:00 Afternoon coffee break
VE Plenary: * Contemporary Dialogues Across the BlackAtlantic: Examining African & Diasporic Connections in Education, Religion & Popular Music (chair: Birgitta J. Johnson) [CCAUD]
17:00 Birgitta J. Johnson "Black Music is King: Tracing Beyoncé’s Centering of the African World in Global Pop"
17:30 Loneka Wilkinson Battiste Eu Vim de Longe: Africa and Coco da Xambá
18:00 Fredara M. Hadley Center of a World: Exploring Encounters with African Music at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
VF01 17th Assembly of National and Regional Representatives (chair: Svanibor Pettan) [CCAUD]
18:45   The assembly is open to National and Representatives only (Liaison Officers and Chairs of National and Regional Committees)
VF02 Welcome meeting for ICTM Early Career Scholars (chairs: Marcia Ostashewski and Kendra Stepputat) [CC1]
18:45   The meeting is open to all early career scholars

Day VI: Tuesday, 18 July 2023

VIA01 * Teaching "West African Drumming and Dance" in the 21st Century: Challenges and Strategies (chair: Patricia Tang) [CCAUD]
08:30 Brendan Kibbee Sabar Entrainment and Urban African Sociality
09:00 Elina Seye Teaching and learning sabar dance in and out of Senegal
09:30 Patricia Tang Pedagogies of Sabar
VIA02 Representing Ourselves and Others (chair: Zdravko Blažeković) [CC1]
08:30 Zdravko Blažeković Carsten Niebuhr’s Reisebeschreibung Nach Arabien Und Andern Umliegenden Ländern: European Views of the Arabic Music
09:00 George Murer Amarg Unbound: Musical-Cultural Representations Crossing the (Imagined) Thresholds of the Tamazgha
09:30 Jean Ngoya Kidula The Aporic Complexity of ‘Africanisims’ in Music Studies on the Continent and Diaspora
10:00 Área de Antropología del Cuerpo (Broguet, Julia; Corvalán, María Laura y Rodríguez, Manuela) Y Vos… ¿De Dónde Sos? A Performance About Racism in Argentina
VIA03 Music Cultures across Urban Spaces: Immigration, COVID, and Identity (chair: Divine Kwasi Gbagbo) [CC2]
08:30 Luo Ai Mei Musical Explorations About City and City Immigrants: Hakkaness in Taipei City
09:00 Laura Risk Nostalgia, Resilience, or Cringe? Discourses of Traditional Music and Dance in 21st-Century Quebec
09:30 Michael Ohene Okantah Junior The Impact of COVID 19 Restrictions on Hiplife Performance in Ghana
10:00 Sara McGuinness Creativity in Response to Crisis: Remote Music Production in London’s Fringe Music Communities During the Covid-19 Pandemic
via04 Gender Identity and Representation (chair: Christian Onyeji) [CC3]
08:30 Lydia Barrett "This is Not a March; It is a Dance": Community, Gender, and Transformation in Benin’s National Anthem
09:00 Silvia Bruni The sons of Jemaa el-Fna and the sons of the "Queen". Music and Gender Issues in Moroccan Contexts
09:30 Fang WANG Symbiosis and Partition: Research on the Gender Stratification of Bayin Seated Singing of the Buyi Ethnic Group in Guizhou Provi
VIA05 Music in Motion: Migrations, Networks, and Circulations (chair: Emmanuel Cudjoe) [CC4]
08:30 Daniel Fredriksson and Hållbus Totte Mattsson Calle Jularbo and the Gammeldans: Music, networks, mediatisation
09:00 MOHAMED HASEEB N Transnational Musical Flow Around the Indian Ocean: Migration, Emotion and Music of the Gulf Wives
09:30 Dominic D.B Makwa Imbalu Performances in Sacred Sites: Inventorying Circumcision Musicking and Dancing for Tourism in Bududa, Uganda
VIA06 Studies of Performance: Traditions and Innovations  (chair: Obed Acquah) [CC5]
08:30 Benjamin Obeghare Izu Emerging trends in African traditional dance practices: a case study of the Ema royal dance of the Urhobo people, Nigeria
09:00 Iddrisu Saaka, John Dankwa and Shirley Sullivan Blurring the Surface
09:30 Matěj Kratochvíl From censorship to commercial „spice". Sexuality in folk songs in the socialist and post-socialist culture of the Czech lands.
VIA07 The Sonic and Social Analysis of Musical Instruments  (chair: Don Niles) [AS106]
08:30 Emmanuel Osei-Owusu The Ghana National Symphony Orchestra and the Politics of Identity in Post-Nkrumah’s Era.
09:00 Peremoboere Ayebatonye-fatayi Exploring the Egbelegbele Musical Instrument and Dance in Bomo Kingdom
09:30 Shan Du Sonic Identity of the Goddesses: Musical Instruments and Sound Objects in the Nava Durgā Performance (Bhaktapur, Nepal)
10:00 Richard Jankowsky Ambiguities of Otherness in the Social Life of the Tunisian Bagpipes
VIA08 * Communities of Practice, Collaborative Creativity Processes and Musical Instruments Circulation in Tricontinental Portuguese-spe (chair: Jorge Castro Ribeiro) [AS216]
08:30 Jorge Castro Ribeiro Talking about Violas: Collaboration and Agency Towards the Autonomy and the Artistic Visibility of a Musical Instrument
09:00 Leonardo Medina The Brazilian rabeca community of practice: agency and creative collaboration processes for the expansion and construction of 'o
09:30 Timóteo Cuche Musical Creativity in Maputo: the collaborative case of the TP50 artistic group
10:00 Lucas de Campos How Afro are the brazilian popular chordofones? Musical practices in question by historical iconography
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Southeastern Europe
VIA09 Sounding the Diaspora in Global Contexts (chair: Masaya Shishikura) [INHUB1]
08:30 Felix Morgenstern Translocal Irish Folk Music in Austria: Evading National Identity?
09:00 Kirk E. Sullivan Sounding the Diaspora: The Homeland Imaginary in Popular Cook Islands Song
09:30 Giuseppe Sanfratello Mama Africa’: diasporic musical practices of the African communities in Catania (Sicily)
10:00 Linda Cimardi African Musics in Nonaligned Yugoslavia
10:30–11:00 Morning coffee break
VIB01 * Destabilizing Colonial Masks?: Collaborative Research-Creation Methodologies From Latin America / Part 1 (chair: ColectivA TranslatinA) [CCAUD]
11:00 Silvia Citro and Soledad Torres Aguero Politics of Representation in Indigenous Rituals: An Intercultural and Collaborative Research-Creation Process of Ancient Music
11:30 Adil Podhajcer Decolonizing Musicality, Ontologizing Reciprocity. Becoming an Andean/Sikuri in a Feminine and Dissident Community.
12:00 Beatriz Herrera Corado Discussant
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean
VIB02 Asserting Resistance through Dance and Music  (chair: Rebecca Miller) [CC1]
11:00 Priyakshi Kumari Agarwal Dancehall: A Tool for Resistance Through A Feminist Lens In Kingston, Jamaica
11:30 Ana Maria Diaz Pinto Underground Reggaetón in Santiago de Chile: Embodied Politics of Morality and Resistance
VIB03 * Counter-Colonial and Community-Based Dialogues in the South Atlantic: The Case of the Quilombista School Dandara Dos Palmares (chair: Renan Ribeiro Moutinho) [CC2]
11:00 Caroline Lima Souza de Lucena, Juliana Freire, and Renan Ribeiro Moutinho Matricentrality and aesthetic-political creations as methodologies of war in a quilombista school
11:30 Brett Pyper Sound praxes in Dialogue across the South Atlantic
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Applied Ethnomusicology
VIB04 Roundtable—* Understanding America, the Essential Contribution of Afro-American Music to the Sociocultural Meaning of the Continent (chair: Fernando Palacios Mateos) [CC3]
11:00 Panellists

John Herlyn Antón Sánchez, Alex Schlenker, Héctor Tascón, Welson Tremura, Daniel Avorgbedor

VIB05 Encounters and Representations Across Time and Space (chair: Urmimala Sarkar Munsi) [CC4]
11:00 CLAUDIO RAMIREZ URIBE Circulation and Memory in the Villancico de Negro: The representation of Africans and Afrodescendants from Siglo de Oro to Son J
11:30 Leslie Gay Diasporic markers and transatlantic translations: Race and Ben Webster's jazz reception in Denmark
VIB06 Studies of Global Opera and Choral Music  (chair: Isaac Ibude) [CC5]
11:00 Nepomuk Riva The Image of Africa in the German Opera Scene. Black Actors, Discrimination and Empowerment
11:30 Emmanuel Nii Adjei Sowah, Joshua Alfred Amuah () Decolonising Ghanaian choral music performances: A Case Study of hybridising items from Handel’s Messiah with selected Ghanaian
12:00 Emaeyak Peter Sylvanus Keyboard-mediated Orchestras in West African Choral Music Performances: Trends in Nigeria and Ghana
VIB07 Gender Identities in Dance and Music Traditions  (chair: Ihechi Elizabeth Achom) [AS106]
11:30 Marilio Wane Gender issues in the process of secularization of traditional dances in Mozambique
12:00 Ilaria Meloni Transcendent voices, restrained gender identities: an ethno-phoniatric investigation on Javanese female singing tradition
12:30 Judith Olson Traditional Dance Gender Roles in the Modern World: Hungarian Dance Practiced by Locals and Interpreted by Internationals
VIB08 * Metaphors We Groove by: Music, Dance, Class and Mobility in the Lusophone African and Afro-Diasporic Realm (chair: Stefanie Alisch) [AS216]
11:00 Ellen Hebden Visions of Success: Navigating Gendered Knowledge and Class Advancement in Tufo Groups in Mozambique
11:30 Pedro Filho Amorim "Tira o pé do chão": Commodification, Class appropriation and Whitewashing in Bahia’s Carnival music and dance
12:00 Martin Ringsmut Kolá San Jon, Class, and the Postcolonial Spatialization of Mindelo, Cabo Verde
12:30 Stefanie Alisch Estamos sempre a subir: Kuduro, Class Mobility and Aspiration in Angola
VIB09 Folk Traditions: Questions of Identity, Practice, and Voice (chair: Xiao Mei) [INHUB1]
11:00 Tingting Tang Cultural Expressions in the Cracks: The Naxi Folk Song and Dance al ka bba laq in Sanba Township of Sub-Tibetan Shangri-La, China
11:30 Žanna Pärtlas Do Folk Tunes Have Gender? Seto Multipart Song Tunes in Women’s and Men’s Versions
12:00 Alla El Kahla The Study of Cultural Change in Tunisian Music; Identity Issues, Dynamic, Shifts, and Prospect; Questioning Around?
12:30 Kolawole Gbolahan Cornelius Reclaiming the Poetic of Indigenous Labrosones (Horns/Trumpet)
VIB10 Film screenings [ARCHIVE]
11:00 Athena Katsanevaki The Fairy Tale of the Island of Creta or "The Prince and the haunted island". Duration: 25m 25s
11:30 Tiziana Palandrani Bordar la Luz (Embroidering the Light). Duration: 39m 28s
13:00–14:30 Lunch break and Study Group welcome meetings
VIC01 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Svanibor Pettan, Mayco Santaella, Hande Sağlam) [CC3]
13:00   Music and Minorities
VIC02 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC2]
13:00   Applied Ethnomusicology
VIC03 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Georgia Curran) [CC4]
13:00   Music and Dance of Oceania
VIC04 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: TBA) [CC5]
13:00   Music and Dance of the Slavic World
VIC05 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Razia Sultanova) [CC1]
13:00   Global History of Music
VID01 * Destabilizing Colonial Masks?: Collaborative Research-Creation Methodologies From Latin America / Part 2 (chair: Beatriz Herrera Corado) [CCAUD]
14:30 Lucrecia Raquel Greco Contra Colonial Knowledge: Researching Through Somatic and Animist Performances
15:00 María Gabriela López-Yánez "Desdisfrazando" Our Dances: Research-Creation-Destabilizing Methods to Approach Ecuadorian Dances in Public Universities
15:30 Beatriz Herrera Corado A Pedagogical Mediation of Intergenerational Transmission With Youth in Guatemala’s K’iche Speaking Communities.
16:00 Silvia Citro Discussant
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean
VID02 * Listening to the Post-Empire: Music as a Decolonial Device in Contemporary Goa (India) (chair: Susana Sardo) [CC1]
14:30 Eduardo Falcão From the Manor Houses to the Digital Media. The Musical Repertoire of the Agapito de Miranda Collection (1911-1995) in the Face
15:00 Nalini Elvino de Sousa Archive Reloaded: The Case of the Tiatrist Francis de Tuem and the Resignification of the Old Anti-Colonial Cantaram
15:30 Kelwin Monteiro The Empire Sounds Back. Post-colonial Music in Goa as a Tool for Social Justice and Equity. The Case of the Mando Festival
16:00 Susana Sardo Fado de Goa: A Singular Case of Sound Decoloniality
VID03 Conflict and Peace-Making in Dance and Music (chair: Rui Marques) [CC2]
14:30 Samuel Yohanna Davou & Festus Ife Olisaeke Music as a Catalyst in Conflict Management: The Feminist Factor among the Hausa/Fulani of Northern Nigeria
15:00 Mohamed Adam Sulaiman The Functional Role of Music and Dance in making conflict and peace (Sudan as model 2003-2020)
15:30 Darren Culliney Comhaltas Narratives: The Place of Irish Traditional Music in the Journey from Conflict to Peace in Northern Ireland
16:00 Sky Mkuti Terror in Cradle of the Makonde Nation: Embracing Peace through Cultural Heritage in Mozambique
VID04 Technology Spaces: Commercial, Digital, and Electronic Musical Practices  (chair: Ifeanyi Okafor) [CC3]
14:30 Rudi Garrido da Costa Lima Brazilian Grime: the work of ANTCO and the Afrodiasporic electronic music scene in "Jamaicaxias"
15:00 Kingsley Kwadwo Okyere Clave as Musicking Technology in Afrobeats
15:30 Charles Mandor Asenye Blockchain Technology as a Veritable Tool to Combat Music Piracy in Nigerian Commercial Music Scene
VID05 * Music Archaeology in Africa (chair: Raquel Jiménez Pasalodos and Joshua Kumbani) [CC4] with session introduction by Raquel Jiménez Pasalodos and Joshua Kumbani
14:30 Joshua Kumbani A Snapshot of Music and Sound-Related Archaeological Artefacts From Southern Africa
15:00 Sarah Wurz Archaeoacoustics and Cape region of South Africa
15:30 Neemias Santos da Rosa and Margarita Díaz-Andreu Listening to Ancient Images: The Acoustics of San Rock Art Sites
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music Archaeology
VID06 Cultural Dialogue: Music for Peace and Well-Being (chair: Mark Lenini Parselelo) [CC5]
14:30 Oliver Shao "Music for Peace" Projects and the International Refugee Regime
15:00 John Nutekpor Kutrikuku: Tenacity in Ghanaian-Irish Cultural Dialogue
15:30 Afor Paul Ntoh Kwem Music and Dance Culture of the Meta People in Cameroon
16:00 Susan Binwie Tanwie and Gideon Danja A Study of Traditional Music and Dance Performances in Kauyawa Day, as a Tool for Conflict Transformation amongst Internally Displaced Persons in Maiduguri, Nigeria
VID07 Development and Transformation of Musical Instruments (chair: Nina Baratti) [AS216]
14:30 Stephen Aidoo Construction Procedures of Ghanaian Traditional Musical Instruments and Their Contemporary Usage. A Focus on Atenteben and Gyil
15:00 Kiku Day The Dark Side of the Shakuhachi: Masculinity, Nationalism and Militarism
15:30 Ruirui Ye The Development of the Zheng in the Digital Era
16:00 Christine Dettmann Searching for Ancestry in Africa: The Case of the Brazilian Berimbau and Angolan Mbulumbumba
VID08 Film screening [Archive]
14:30 Siboné Oroza "When I´m on Stage, I Rule": Cholita Futurism in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Duration: 1h 35m
16:30–17:00 Afternoon coffee break
VIE Plenary: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality in Global Music and Dance (chair: Adwoa Arhine) [CCAUD]
17:00 Christian Onyeji and Elizabeth Onyeji Adamma Music and Dance Genre: Oddities and Paradoxical Subversion of Gender Binaries in the Igbo Socio-Cultural Milieu
17:30 Rose Merin Ways of ‘Showing’ and ‘Being’ in Nangiarkoothu: On Gendered and Subaltern Bodies in an Intangible Cultural Heritage
18:00 Mary Akyaamah Amoateng and Grace Takyi Donkor Women and Music Education in Ghana: Perspectives from the Department of Music, University of Ghana
18:30 Marko Kölbl Queering Ethnomusicological Refugee Studies
Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Music, Gender, and Sexuality

Day VII: Wednesday, 19 July 2023

VIIA01 Performance Politics: Music and Dance in National Discourse (chair: Susana Sardo) [CCAUD]
08:30 Eric Wittersheim and Monika Stern Music Collectives and the Spirit of Independence in the Republic of Vanuatu
09:00 Jessica Kai-sze Fung Localism and Nationalism: The Politics of Cantonese Music in Hong Kong
09:30 Aggrey Nganyi Wetaba "Khabusie" - Let It Dawn; Political Reading of a Prayerful Song-Dance in Western During Kenya’s 2022 Elections
VIIA02 Approaches to Dance Research: Practice, Filmmaking, and Printing (chair: Beatriz Herrera Corado) [CC1]
08:30 Kofi Anthonio Embodied Devices: Exploring Rhetoric Within Selected Indigenous Dance Forms as Socially Affective
09:00 Sumedha Bhattacharyya Space as Material: Exploring Materials in Dance Filmmaking
09:30 Ana Maria de Sousa Leitao Generative Dance: The Practice of a Relational Ontology for the Construction of the "We"
VIIA03 Film Discussions 3 (chair: Samuel Benagr) [CC2]
08:30 Siboné Oroza "When I´m on Stage, I Rule": Cholita Futurism in Cochabamba, Bolivia
09:00 Celeste Landeros Earl of Mar's Daughter
09:30 Sebanti Chatterjee and Mr. Soumik Mukherjee Ki Sur Voice
VIIA04 Style, Affect, and Groove: Performance Practice and Analysis of Dance and Music  (chair: Silvia Citro) [CC3]
08:30 Loko Omolara Olasunbo Stylistic Features and Performance Practice of Agidigbo Music Among the Ogu People of Badagry
09:00 Ana Pais Rhythms of Affect in Ritual Practices of Candomblé (Salvador Da Bahia)
09:30 Juan Sebastian Rojas How Groove, Collective Singing, and Dance Unite. A Performance Analysis of Colombian "Bullenrap" Music
10:00 Godson Atsu Sokpor Multi-Modality of Music for Dance: Interrogating Prescriptive, Descriptive and Directive Dimensions of Performance Cultures With
VIIA05 Exploring Sound in Society  (chair: Samuel Horlor) [CC4]
08:30 Shzr Ee Tan Acoustic Regimes of Labour and Leisure: Transient Worker Sonic Life in Southeast Asia
09:00 Juracy do Amor Cardoso Filho Music (In)Visible: Excluded People and Sonorities
09:30 Oyinlola Esther Oladiipo Sounding Olumo Rock and Valley in Abeokuta, Nigeria
VIIA06 Questioning Traditions: Heritage, Variations, and Practice (chair: Andrew Snyder) [CC5]
08:30 Vida Onoh Music as Cultural Sustenance and Practices Among the Mbebe People of Nigeria
09:00 Inoue, Sayuri What are the Norms? The Range of Variations in the Performance of Myanmar Classical Songs
09:30 Rebeka Kunej and Siri Mæland Spaces for Traditional Dancing in Europe: Examples From North and South-East
10:00 Daniel Tércio Dancing With the National Flag
VIIA07 Political Histories of Global Music: Prohibition, Activism, and Democratization (chair: Ana Flávia Miguel) [AS216]
08:30 Oldřich Poděbradský From Sunny Grave to Odyssey: The Prohibition of the Creative Process in Socialist Czechoslovakia
09:00 Monika E. Schoop Contesting Historical Revisionism: Popular Music, Memory Activism and the Marcos Dictatorship
09:30 KettyJackline W. Maina "Tujiangalie": Transforming Society through Musical Self-inquiry
10:00 Emmanuel Siaw, Kwasi Sarfo and Papa Kow Agyefi Music and Democratization: An Evaluation of the Contribution of Popular Music in Deepening Multi-Party Democracy in Ghana.
VIIA08 Constructing New Theoretical Frameworks for Dance and Music (chair: Leslie Gay) [INHUB01]
08:30 Spiros Th. Delegos Decolonising Rebetiko: Employing Heterotopia as an Analytical and Interpretive Device
09:00 Matthew A. Williams Toward a Semiotic Theory for Gospel Music
09:30 Ilario Meandri Semantic Interoperability and Ontological Representation for Ethnomusicological Digital Archives
10:00 TEOH Yang Ming A Reverse Path to the Study of Asian Music and the Challenge of Analytical Approaches
VIIA09 * African Organological Materiality and Instrumentality Competitiveness in Global Music Industry: A Case of Zimbabwe Creative Cult (chair: Perminus Matiure) [CC7]
11:00 Jerry Rutsate Ngoma Materiality and Instrumentality
11:30 Phineas Magwati A Philosophical Account for the Organological Scope of Hosho/Hoso and Magagada Instruments
12:00 Mercy Kayumba Innovative Measures for Circumventing the Scarcity of Materials for Making Isitshikitsha Dance Costumes and Percussive Gumboot
12:30 Perminus Matiure Material Provision for the Revival of Musical Instruments Construction and Circulation Among the Zezuru People of Zimbabwe
10:30–11:00 Morning coffee break
VIIB01 * Transformation of Anatolian Music: Music and Collective Memory of the Alevis, Armenians, Zaza’s and Aşıks (chair: Hande Sağlam) [CCAUD]
11:00 Martin Greve Music in "Greater Dersim": Loss, Nostalgia, and Reconstruction
11:30 Ulaş Özdemir Alevi Cassette Culture and Memory: The Continuous Rediscovery of Historical Audio Recordings in Alevi Music Performance
12:00 Burcu Yildiz Digital Recollections of Armenian Folk Songs: Reflections of Diasporic Memory with the Houshamadyan Project
12:30 Hande Sağlam The Master-Apprentice Relationship in the Âşık Tradition and Its Role in the Continuity of Collective Memory
VIIB02 Performance in Educational Contexts (chair: Brett Pyper) [CC1]
11:00 Silvia van Zyl Accessible Music Education for the Visually Impaired Pianist in South Africa
11:30 Netéske Horton Towards Improving Jazz Education in South Africa: The Impact of the National Youth Jazz Festival at Secondary Level
12:00 Kathy Armstrong and Stacey Can-Tamakloe Reimagining the Global Music Ensemble
VIIB03-1 Roundtable—* Decolonising Terminology: The World in Dance Words: Methodological Perspectives (chair: Egil Bakka) [CC2]
11:00 Panellists

Egil Bakka, Ronald Kibirige, Mark Lenini Parselelo, Nerda Khara, Natasha Martin

Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology
VIIB03-2 Roundtable—* Decolonising Terminology: The World in Dance Words: Theoretical Perspectives (chair: Georgiana Gore) [CC2]
12:00 Panellists

Georgiana Gore, Gediminas Karoblis, Olabanke Oyinkansola Goriola, Maria Kardash, Sebnem Sozer Ozdemir

Session sponsored by the ICTM Study Group on Ethnochoreology
VIIB04 * Material and Cultural Lives of Instruments in the Tensions Between the Past and the Present, Between the Sacred and the Profane (chair: Valeriya Nedlina) [CC3]
11:00 Yannick Wey Tracing the Peculiar Career of the Hammered Dulcimer in the Alpine Region Through Its Craftings and Materials
11:30 Valeriya Nedlina Neo-Traditionalism and Innovations in Kazakh Instruments and Music-making
12:00 Manami Suzuki Telli Kur’an : Saz as A Sacred Instrument in Alevi
12:30 M. Emin Soydaş Filling the Gaps: Current Plucked Lutes as a Source for the Reconstructed Kopuz
VIIB05 Conflict and Peace-Making: Cultural Dialogues in Music and Dance (chair: Linda Cimardi) [CC4]
11:00 Sérgio Bordalo e Sá Dealing With Differences: Dance and Conflict in Cinema
11:30 Hee Sook Lee-Niinioja Deeply Rooted Arirang Melodies and Texts in Uniting Koreas and Diasporas: A Synchronous Commonality and Hybridity of Nostalgic T
12:00 Balakrishnan Raghavan Faiz Through a Feminist Lens: "Hum Dekhenge" in Protest, Translation, and Performance
12:30 Sheilla (Aishetu) Nelson When Women Refuse Water In Honey’s Stead: Dialogic Gender Representations in Selected Ga Proverbs and Traditional Songs
VIIB06 Crossings And Borders: Understanding the Movement of Music through Hybridity, Decolonization, And Recontextualization (chair: Pei-ling Huang) [CC5]
11:00 Rui Guerra Augusto Laranjeira Unce: A Mozambican music of Arabian influence
11:30 Chia-Wei Yang Hybridity, Performance, and Indigenous Modernity: A Case Study on Taiwanese Indigenous Music-Dance Performance
12:00 Liz Przybylski Music Crossing Borders: Decolonization through Refusal
VIIB07 Transmission and Learning in Global Contexts (chair: Damascus Kafumbe) [AS106]
11:00 Huber, Gertrud Maria Practice of Folk Music in Higher Education: Student Well-Being at the Göttweig Monastery During the COVID-19 Pandemic
11:30 Felicia O. Ezeugwu Indigenous Music and Youths’ Transformation: Ogene Music Performance Ensemble of Amodu Awkunanaw Community in South Eastern Nigeria
12:00 Giulia Ferdeghini Melody and Performance of Beyta Dimdim, a Kurdish Oral Epic as to Be Found in Bahdinan (Iraq)
12:30 Wong Siao Ern & Chan Cheong Jan "No Right or Wrong, But there Actually Is": Experiences of Navigating Intersection of Discourses in Learning Jazz Improvisation
VIIB08 * Roundtable and Journal Issue Launch: Research-Mentoring-Publishing as a Cyclical Process: Some Perspectives and Experiences from the African Context(s) (chair: Anri Herbst) [AS216]
11:00 Panellists Anri Herbst, Mike Schramm, Emaeyak Sylvanus, Lee Watkins, Wilhelm Delport, George Worlasi Kwasi Dor
VIIB09 Explorations of Historical Music Practices: Performance Groups, Societies, and Companies (chair: Raquel Jiménez Pasalodos) [INHUB1]
11:00 Paul Nicholas Roth Cultivating Counter-Coloniality in Don Cherry's Organic Music Society
11:30 Juan Felipe Miranda Medina A Third "Grand Narrative" in the Afro-Peruvian Revival
12:00 Orlando Fernão The Historical Recordings From the Ndau Community in the Berlin Phonogrammarchiv: The Beginning of a Re-study
VIIB10 Approaches to Music and Dance as Agencies of Well-being (chair: Joanna Boampong) [INHUB2]
11:00 Wei, Xin-Yi Music Ontology, Knowledge Translation, and Synthetic Culture: A Case Study on Taiwanese Indigenous Kavalan Healing Ritual Music and Dance under the National Identity Mechanism
11:30 Ellen E Hebden Rejuvenation Through Remembering: Sonic Care at Night Clubs for the Aging in Northern Mozambique
VIIB11 Film screening [Archive]
11:00 Celeste Landeros Earl of Mar's Daughter. Duration: 17m
13:00–14:30 Lunch break and Study Group welcome meetings
VIIC01 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Marko Kölbl and Rachel Ong) [CC2]
13:00   Music, Gender, and Sexuality
VIIC02 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Susana Sardo) [CC3]
13:00   Sources and Archives for Music and Sound Studies
VIIC03 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Marcia Ostashewski) [CC1]
13:00   Sacred and Spiritual Sounds and Practices
VIIC04 Study Group welcome meeting (chair: Raquel Jiménez Pasalodos) [CC4]
13:00   Music Archaeology
VIID02 Understanding the Sacred in Musical Practice (chair: Heather MacLachlan) [CC1]
14:30 Li Jiaqi Mediating God and the Secular World: Women Chanters in Hui Communities in Shandong Province, China
15:00 Scott Valois Linford Singing for Rain: Music in the Religious Revival of Jola Priestess Aline Sitoé Diatta
15:30 Julius Loth Sanga The Influence of the Muziki Wa Dansi on Gospel Music in Tanzania
16:00 Marcia Ostashewski Singing Samoyilka: Relationships, Intimacies, and Community in Ukrainian Byzantine Liturgy
VIID03 Performers and Composers: The Impact of Individuals on Musical Traditions (chair: Felicia Sandler) [CC2]
14:30 Anuran Dasgupta Centering the Margins: Komal Kothari’s re-structuring of Rajasthani musical culture and history
15:00 Mark Stone The Music of Bernard Woma: Composition-in-Performance on the Dagara Gyil
VIID04 Relationships between Music and Language (chair: Myfany Turpin) [CC3]
14:30 Divine Kwasi Gbagbo Musical Plots in Language Spaces: The Case of Ewe Language in West Africa
15:00 Yuto Ozaki & Patrick E. Savage Similarities and differences in a global sample of song and speech recordings
15:30 Imani Sanga Musical Figures of Decolonization in Shafi’s Swahili Novels Vuta N’kuvute and Kasri ya Mwinyi Fuad
VIID05 Negotiating the Sacred in Music and Dance (chair: Tingting Tang) [CC4]
14:30 MU Qian Louder Dhikr: Mediation and Transmission of Uyghur Sufi Sounds
15:00 Shuo Yang A Performance Platform without Religious Sound: The Heritagization of the Guerx Sal Lad Festival of the Bai in Southwest China
15:30 Marcia Ostashewski Singing Samoyilka: Relationships, Intimacies, and Community in Ukrainian Byzantine Liturgy
VIID06 * Cross, Exceed, Proliferate, and Blur: Negotiating Western and West African Music Ontologies (chair: Michael Birenbaum Quintero) [CC5]
14:30 Toyin Samuel Ajose Beyond Sacred Spaces’: Gospel Music and Everyday Street Culture in Lagos, Nigeria
15:00 Adébólá Òla Recentering the Àgídìgbo in Speech Surrogacy Discourse
15:30 Nathaniel Braddock The Rhythm, the Rhythm: Borders of Method and Composition in Ghana’s Guitar Tradition
16:00 Michael Birenbaum Quintero Approaching the Ìṣẹ̀ṣẹ Ear: Ethnomusicology, Sound Studies and Yorùbá Acoustemology
VIID07 Film screening [Archive]
14:30 Sebanti Chatterjee and Soumik Mukherjee Ki Sur Voice. Duration: 29m
16:30–17:00 Afternoon coffee break
VIIE Closing Ceremony (chair: Svanibor Pettan) [CCAUD] 
17:00   The closing ceremony is open to all