International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Terminology for Study Groups and National/Regional Committees

To avoid confusion of terminology to identify roles and activities of different levels and functions within ICTM, the following terms and usages consistent with the Rules of the ICTM are adopted.

Executive Board: The governing body of ICTM consisting of a President, two Vice Presidents and 9 Ordinary Members elected by the members of ICTM as a whole.

Executive Committee: The governing body of a Study Group or National/Regional Committee, which may consist of a Chair, a Vice Chair and a Secretary, and any number of Ordinary Members as determined by the Study Group or National/Regional Committee.

General Assembly: The meeting of ICTM members held during a World Conference and consisting of a Presidential Report, a Report of the Executive Board (presented by the Secretary General), announcement of election results, and any proposed changes to the Rules of the ICTM.

World Conference: The biennial event of the ICTM, consisting of scholarly presentations, roundtable discussions, performances, workshops, the General Assembly, the Assembly of National and Regional Representatives, and Meetings of Study Groups and National/Regional Committees.

Colloquium: Occasional events that focus on selected themes intensively discussed by a smaller group of scholars and approved by the Executive Board.

Symposium: A scholarly event of a Study Group or National/Regional Committee consisting of presentations and discussions usually on one or more themes.

Study Group Meeting/National or Regional Committee Meeting: Meetings of these groups for purposes other than scholarly presentations and discussions such as planning of future events and publications and election of Executive Committee members. They are normally held during a Symposium or a World Conference.

Local Arrangements Committee: The organisers of a World Conference, Colloquium or Symposium. The LAC is not normally responsible for the scholarly programme.

Programme Committee: Members responsible for planning the programme of scholarly presentations and discussions at a World Conference, Colloquium or Symposium. The members are appointed by the Executive Board or Executive Committee depending on the type of event being planned.

Programme Chair: The member responsible for coordinating the work of the Programme Committee of a World Conference, Colloquium or Symposium. The Programme Chair is appointed by the Executive Board or Executive Committee as appropriate.

Ratified in July 2011 (St. John’s).