International Council for Traditional Music

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

Journal of the International Folk Music Council. Vol. 3 (1951)

General Editor:  Maud Karpeles

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • ‘Some Impressions of the Conference’ by Evelyn K. Wells

Proceedings of the Third Conference of the International Folk Music Council Held at Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana July 17th to 21st, 1950

  • Opening Session
  • ‘The Revival of Folk Music and Folk Dancing in Finland’ by Otto Andersson
  • ‘Authenticity in Folk Music’ by Ahmed Adnan Saygun
  • ‘Some Reflections on Authenticity in Folk Music’ by Maud Karpeles
  • ‘The So-Called "Folksong" Programme of Radio: A Threat and a Challenge’ by Paul G. Brewster
  • ‘Folk Dances of the United States: Regional Types and Origins’ by Elizabeth Burchenal
  • ‘The Texas Cattle Country and Cowboy Square Dance’ by Olcutt Sanders
  • ‘The National Folk Festival, United States’ by Sarah Gertrude Knott
  • ‘The Folk Dances of Canada’ by Marius Barbeau
  • ‘Melodic Contour in Traditional Music’ by Sirvart Poladian
  • ‘Vitality of Tradition and Local Songs’ by Herbert Halpert
  • ‘Folk Music of East Pakistan’ by Jasimuddin
  • ‘Principal Versions of an International Folk Tune’ by Samuel P. Bayard
  • ‘Melodic Stability in Oral Transmission’ by Bertrand H. Bronson
  • ‘Indigenous and Imported Elements in the New Folk Dance in Israel’ by Ayalah Kaufman
  • ‘Yugoslav Epic Folk Poetry’ by Albert B. Lord
  • ‘The Music of Yugoslav Heroic Epic Folk Poetry’ by George Herzog
  • ‘Herdsman's Song and Yoik in Northern Sweden’ by Ake Campbell
  • ‘Lithuanian Folk Songs in the United States’ by Jonas Balys
  • ‘Native and Imported Elements in American Religious Folk Songs’ by George Pullen Jackson
  • ‘Traditional Folk Songs Available on Commercial Phonograph Records’ by Ben Gray Lumpkin
  • ‘Comic Elements in the English Traditional Ballad’ by Warren E. Roberts
  • ‘The Dragon Myths and Ritual Songs of the Iroquoians’ by Marius Barbeau
  • ‘Folk Music and Art Music’ by Otto Andersson
  • ‘Musical Folklore of the Baroque Period in Austria’ by Paul Nettl
  • Discussion on Papers by Prof. Cherbuliez, Prof. Otto Andersson and Dr. Nettl
  • ‘Gospel Hymns of a Negro Church in Chicago’ by Richard Alan Waterman
  • ‘Songs of the Great Lakes Sailors’ by Ivan H. Walton
  • ‘Iroquois Midwinter Medicine Rites’ by Gertrude Prokosch Kurath
  • Summary of Discussion on the Relationship of Folk and Art Dance
  • Summary of Discussion on the Work of the International Folk Music Council
  • ‘An Instantaneous Music Notator’ by Charles Seeger
  • Other Communications
  • ‘Note on an Egyptian Wind Instrument’ by H. Hickman
  • Notes and News


  • ‘Ernest Closson (1870-1950)’ by Roger Pinon
  • ‘E. J. Moeran’ by Frank Howes
  • Reports from Correspondents and National Organisations

Publications Received

Music, Books and Pamphlets

  • The Ballad Tree: A Study of British and American Ballads, Their Folklore, Verse and Music by Evelyn Kendrick Wells. Review by M. J. D.-S.
  • Folksongs of Florida by Alton C. Morris. Review by E. K. W.
  • Das echte Volkslied by Walter Wiora. Review by K. D.
  • A Melódia Törtenéte. Vázlatok A Zenei Stilus Multjából (History of Melody-Notes to Musical Style) by Bence Szabolcsi. Review by J. S. W.
  • Música Tradicional Argentina. Tucumán, Historia y Folklore by Isabel Aretz-Thiele. Review by N. F.
  • Música Popular Brasileira by Oneyda Alvarenga. Review by N. F.
  • Musicologica: A Study of the Nature of Ethno-Musicology, Its Problems, Methods and Representative Personalities by Jaap Kunst. Review by C. S.
  • Framsades (reciterades) eller sjongos de Islandska Rimorna? by Otto Andersson. Review by K. D.
  • 25 Canciones Tradicionales Inglesas by Norman Fraser. Review by M. K.
  • Begdja, het Gamelan Jongetje by Jaap Kunst. Review by A. B.
  • Folk Songs on Records by Ben Gray Lumpkin; Brownie McNeil. Review by M. K.
  • Narodne Igre (Folk Dances). Vol. V. (Dances of the Vojvodina and Nišava) by Ljubica Janković; Danica Janković. Review by E. V. de B.
  • Handbooks of European National Dances: by Violet Alford; No. 9, Dances of Denmark by Poul Lorenzen; Jeppe Jeppesen; No. 10, Dances of France (1). Brittany and Bourbonnais by Claudie Marcel-Dubois; Marie Marguerite Andral; No. 11, Dances of Hungary by George Buday; No. 12, Dances of Spain (1). South, Centre and North-West by Lucille Armstrong. Review by E. J. N.
  • La Moxiganga y el Ball de la Torre en Lérida by Fernando Tarrago Pleyan. Review by V. A.
  • Estudios sobre Folklore en Chile y Labor del Instituto de Investigaciones Musicales. Review by N. F.
  • Preservation and Development of Indigenous Arts. Review by M. K.

Periodicals and Articles

  • Cymbales et Crotales dans l'Egypte Ancienne by H. Hickman; Miscellanea Musicologica by H. Hickmann; Musique Centre-Africaine by Herbert Pepper; African Music Society News Letter. Vol. 1, No. 3. Review by A. B.
  • Nuestra Musica. Nos. 13 and 14; Revista Musical Chilena Tradicion. No. 34; Revista Musical Chilena Tradicion. Nos. 35-36; Boletín de la Asociación Tucumana de Folklore. Vol. I. Review by N. F.
  • Revista de Estudios Musicales. Year 1, No. 1. Review by N. F.
  • Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society. Vol. VI, Nos. 1 and 2. Review by M. K.
  • Journal of American Folklore. Vol. 63, No. 248. Review by M. K.
  • Southern Folklore Quarterly. Vol. XIII, Nos. 1-4 and Vol. XIV, Nos. 1-3. Review by M. K.
  • Notes. Review by M. K.
  • Olympia. Review by M. K.
  • Folklore: A Review of Popular Italian Traditions by Raffaele Corso. Review by B. de Z.
  • Folk-Lore. Vol. LXI. Review by M. K.
  • Other Publications Received

Gramophone Records: Folkways Ethnic Library, New York

  • Sioux and Navajo by Willard Rhodes; Equatorial Africa by André Didier; Drums of Haiti by Harold Courlander; Middle East-Palestine by The Folk Music Department of the Anthropological Institute; Peru by Harry Tschopik,. Review by F. H.
  • Negro Folk Music of Alabama by Harold Courlander. Review by S. R. C.
  • English Folk Songs. Review by M. K.