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Yearbook for Traditional Music. Vol. 50 (2018)

Articles for the 2018 Yearbook for Traditional Music focus on themes from ICTM's 44th World Conference, held in Limerick, Ireland, in July 2017 and hosted by the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, University of Limerick. The guest editors for this issue are Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw and J. Lawrence Witzleben. Reviews of books, compact discs, videos, and websites complete the issue.

General Editor:  Tong Soon Lee

Table of Contents

  • Guest Editors' Preface by Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw and J. Lawrence Witzleben


  • ‘The Redress Of Music: Music, Mediation, and Parity of Esteem’ by Mícheál Ó Súilleabháin
  • ‘The Music and Memory Project: Understanding Music and Dementia through Applied Ethnomusicology and Experiential Filmmaking’ by Jennie Gubner
  • ‘A Sea of Voices: Performance, Relations, and Belonging in Saltwater Places’ by Brian Diettrich
  • ‘IFMC, Masu Genjiro, Kurosawa Takatomo, and Their Recordings of Taiwanese Music’ by Ying-Fen Wang
  • ‘“From Identity to Alliance”: Challenging Métis “Inauthenticity” through Alliance Studies’ by Monique Giroux
  • ‘The Significance of Ìrìráábú Musical Satire in the Ékpè Dance Festival Amongst the Obohia-Ndoki People of Nigeria’ by Ubochi Stella Igbokwe
  • ‘Why Is Uncle Paintbrush So Funny? The Case of Youtube Translation of a Syrian Kurdish Wedding Song into Finnish’ by Antti-Ville Kärjä
  • ‘Squaring Off: The Forgotten Caller in Cape Breton Square Dancing’ by Heather Sparling
  • ‘Politely Different: Queer Presence in Country Dancing and Music’ by Kathryn Alexander

Book Reviews

  • Harris, Rachel, Rowan Pease, and Shzr Ee Tan, eds. Gender in Chinese Music. Review by Hsin-Wen Hsu
  • Hilder, Thomas R., Henry Stobart, and Shzr Ee Tan, eds. Music, Indigeneity, Digital Media. Review by Joseph Keola Donaghy
  • Hoefnagels, Anna and Beverley Diamond, eds. Aboriginal Music in Contemporary Canada: Echoes and Exchanges. Review by Liz Przybylski. 
  • Imada, Adria. Aloha America: Hula Circuits through the U.S. Empire. Review by Andrea Low
  • Sunardi, Christina. Stunning Males and Powerful Females: Gender and Tradition in East Javanese Dance. Review by Christi-Anne Castro
  • Yıldız, Burcu. Experiencing Armenian Music in Turkey: An Ethnography of Musicultural Memory. Review by Liselotte Sels

Book Notes

Download the “Book Notes” section of the Yearbook for Traditional Music, Vol. 50 (2018) in PDF format.

Audio Reviews


  • Roumanie. Musique du Maramureş. Groupe Iza / Romania. Music from Maramureş. Iza Group. Review by Colleen Bertsch
  • Entropy: Where Byzantium Meets Jazz. Review by Kim Cunio

South America

  • Música y Cantos Tradicionales de Cañaris; Woxrexcüchinga: El Ritual de la Pubertad en el Pueblo Ticuna. Review by Jonathan Ritter

West Asia

  • Letters from Iraq. Review by Lisa Urkevich
  • Music from Yemen Arabia. Review by Jean Lambert

East Asia

  • Japon. Teruhisa Fukuda, Maître de Shakuhachi. Offrande Musicale / Japan. Teruhisa Fukuda, Shakuhachi Master. Musical Offering. Review by Henry Johnson

Southeast Asia

  • Laos. Musique des Khmou / Laos. Music of the Khmu. Review by Christopher Adler


  • Crying Bamboos: Ceremonial Flute Music from New Guinea Madang. Review by Neil R. Coulter
  • Ngiya awungarra / I am Here, Now: Tiwi Voices Past and Present in New Musical Conversations. Review by Katelyn Barney
  • Barrtjap’s Wangga; Muluk’s Wangga; Manji’s Wangga; Lambudju’s Wangga; Walakandha Wangga; Ma-yawa Wangga. Review by Grace Koch.

Film/Video Reviews

  • The Groove Is Not Trivial. Review by Kathryn Alexander
  • Vikāra kō vinimaya: Exchange of Ideas. Review by Pirkko Moisala
  • Up Down & Sideways: Kho Ki Pa Lü. Review by Emi Okada
  • Resilient Music at the Margins. Review by Mayco A. Santaella

Website Reviews

  • Intangible Cultural Heritage. Review by Catherine Grant
  • International Research Centre for Traditional Polyphony. Review by Laura Leante
  • Aural Archipelago: Field Recordings from Around Indonesia. Review by Indra Ridwan
  • Puls — Journal for ethnomusicology and ehnochoreology. Review by Catherine Foley
  • EthnoCloud. Review by Aleysia Whitmore

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