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ICTMD Study Group on Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean (ICTMD LATCAR)

Participants pose together at the UNICACH campus during ICTM LAT CAR's first Symposium in Chiapas, Mexico

Attendees of the First ICTM(D) LAT CAR Symposium at UNICACH in Chiapas, Mexico, 2020.

(Photograph by Javier Silvestrini)


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Study Group Music and Dance in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAT CAR) is to create a geographical and language-related accessible space for the study, practice, documentation, preservation, and dissemination of music, sounds, dances and movements in and from Latin America and the Caribbean. The aim of this study group is to connect perspectives and help bring researchers together, providing a platform of exchange and visibility for the ICTMD.

The many diverse regions and peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean have commonalities in their historical, political, and migration backgrounds and identities. They share, among other aspects, a colonial past, the oppression of Indigenous knowledges and practices, as well as the preservation, maintenance, and development of unique modes of existence. These processes have informed Indigenous, African, and other experiences as well as forms of hybridization or mestizaje, which ultimately influence music, sound, movement and dances as culture and in cultures.

The Study Group welcomes epistemologies that reach beyond the notions of music, dance, sound, performance, and bodies in movement. In efforts to re-imagine the disciplinary boundaries of knowledge production, LAT CAR provides further spaces for research informed by multimodal methods including—but not limited to—audiovisual investigations, applied methods, and music and dance performance-based didactics. We also strongly encourage the participation of underrepresented sociopolitical groups, such as individuals and communities that have been historically discriminated against and marginalized due to their ethnicity, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, religion, (dis)abilities, age, or political beliefs; thereby giving space and voice to the diverse narratives that shape this vast region of the world.


Reuniones/Reuniãos/Meetings y/e/and Simposios/Simpósios/Symposia:

2024 - Third Symposium – La Habana, Cuba (MORE TBA)

2022 - Second Symposium - Hybrid joint conference with Applied Ethnomusicology: Santiago, Chile and Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

2020 - First Symposium as official Study Group - Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México

2018 - First Meeting as Interest Group - Salto, Uruguay


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ListServ - send email to ictmlatinamericaribe(at)ictmusic(dot)org

ICTMD LATCAR Membresía / Filiação / Membership Registration 

Study Group Board (2023-2025)


Katharina Döring (Brasil), Javier Silvestrini (Puerto Rico)


Magda Pucci (Brasil), Juan Sebastián Rojas (Colombia)


Jessie M. Vallejo (EEUU/México/Ecuador)

Director de Membership and Finances:

Lucilene Silva (Brasil)


Social Media Manager: 

Beatriz Herrera (Guatemala)

Symposium Chair Ex-Officio:

Jacob Rekedal (Chile)

Co-President Ex-Officio: 

Nora Bammer (Austria/ Ecuador)

Photographs of our Study Group Board for LAT CAR, elected in 2023



Study Group Board (2020-2022)


  • Javier Silvestrini

  • Nora Bammer


  • Magda Pucci

  • Juan Bermúdez


  • Jessie Vallejo

Director of Finances and Membership:

  • Lucilene Silva

Steering Committee (2017-2020)

  • Hannah Balcomb (USA/Argentina)
  • Nora Bammer (ICTM liaison; Austria/Ecuador)
  • Juan Bermúdez (Austria/Mexico)
  • Adriana Cerletti (Argentina)
  • Marita Fornaro (Uruguay)
  • Jennie Gubner (USA/Argentina)
  • Ana Silverio (Brazil)
  • Javier Silvestrini (ICTM liaison; Austria/Puerto Rico)
  • Jessie Vallejo (web editor; USA/Ecuador)

The steering committee served in between the first interest meeting and the first symposium in Chiapas, when the first executive board was be elected.

Future elections of executive members will be held at business meetings as well as online through digital elections supported by the General Secretariat.





    2020 LATCAR Conference Site Announcement:

    Nuestra próxima reunión será / Nossa próxima reunião será / Our next meeting will be:

    2020: 9-13 de marzo/março/March

    Facultad de Música, Universidad de Ciencias y Artes de Chiapas, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas México

    Pronto anunciaremos la convocatoria / Vamos anunciar a chamada em breve / We will announce the call for papers soon.

    Planning our next ICTM LATCAR Meeting

    Future ICTM LATCAR meetings will take place in contrasting Latin American and Caribbean regions (north, south, east, west) providing for further access and exchange, on the off years of the World Conference.