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ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology

Mission Statement


The study group on audiovisual ethnomusicology investigates the potentials of audiovisual media in a wide range of ethnomusicological activities: research, preservation, and dissemination.

1.          Research

Audiovisual recording has already been considered an indispensable tool in fieldwork and many ethnomusicologists collect audiovisual footage as a tool for analysis and some produce films for sharing research results with colleagues, students and the general audience. The study group will investigate how ethnomusicologists have used this media in their research, and how the use of this media has affected and/or changed their perceptions of music, the method of data gathering, and the rapport with the people and community under study. It will explore the ethics and methodology of using audiovisual media including filmmaking and post-production applications.

2.          Preservation/invigoration

Many music and dance traditions are facing extinction due to various reasons. Audiovisual technologies have been used to record music and dance traditions all over the world, reflections on philosophical, ethical, methodological and technical aspects of such efforts have not been sufficient. The study group will discuss why we need to preserve traditions to begin with, what type of preservation has been done and how, what role audiovisual media can play to foster, preserve, reinvigorate, or even to revive disappearing or attenuated traditions. The group will also seek innovative projects to utilize historical audiovisual documents for the same purpose.

3.          Dissemination

The research findings in ethnomusicology have been shared primarily in the form of written text with the audiovisual as a supplement or illustration, while the audiovisual media are generally regarded as better equipped to record/document music and dance. The study group will identify the major problems of the textual representation of music and dance and explore the ways in which audiovisual can be effective as primary media to share research findings.

Executive Committee

Chair: Leonardo D'Amico

Vice-Chair: Marija Dumnic

Secretariat: Qiao Qiao Cheng

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Minutes of the Business Meeting in Bangkok 2019

13.07.2019 Business Meeting of the Study Group for Audiovisual Ethnomusicology at the ICTM World Conference in Bangkok
Leading the meeting: Yves De France

  1.        Publishing for the 2019 proceedings: Etnografie Sonore – Sound Ethnographies. Peer Reviewed Journal where short film can be published similar to papers.


Cancellation 3rd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology

We regret to inform you that, the global outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent absolute limitation in travelling and meeting, lead the Organization committee to cancel this year’s Symposium of the Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology in Bologna. Hence, the Symposium will be postponed to 2021. The Organizing Committee will give further details about the next initiative later this year.

Call for Films: 3rd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology (Bologna, Italy, 21- 23 September 2020)

The Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology welcomes scholars and filmmakers to submit films of an ethnomusicological nature to be included in our 2020 meeting. We are interested in films made by and/or for ethnomusicologists, and particularly films that inform, and/or are informed by diverse ethnomusicological research methodologies.

Call-for-Papers: 3rd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology (Bologna, Italy, 21- 23 September 2020)

Following the 2nd  Symposium (2018), the 3rd Symposium aims to provide a scholarly venue to reflect widely on the use of audiovisual media as a research tool in ethnomusicology. At the same time, the Symposium wants to be an occasion for exploring new ways of preserving and disseminating ethnomusicological knowledge and to foster debates on the emerging field of audiovisual ethnomusicology.

Hosting institutions: Universita degli Studi di Bologna.

2nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology (Lisbon, Portugal, 27- 30 June 2018) REGISTRATION FORM

The REGISTRATION to the 2nd Symposium of the ICTM Study Group on Audiovisual Ethnomusicology is open. Please, submit the following form for registering:

Participants will find below for downloading the POSTER of the event and a PRACTICAL GUIDE to Lisbon.

The symposium Program will be published here as soon as possible.