International Council for Traditions of Music and Dance

A Non-Governmental Organization in Formal Consultative Relations with UNESCO

ICTMD National Committee for Malaysia

The ICTM NATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR MALAYSIA was approved by the Executive Board of the International Council for Traditional Music. The ICTM is an international non-profit, non-governmental, professional organisation admitted to Category B of relations to UNESCO. The National Committee is expected to spread knowledge about the ICTM activities and to further its mission in their respective countries or regions. It links the Council and individual members (ICTM Statutes 5C).  Each National Committee appoints or elects a member to act as its representative. The National representative liaises between the Committee and the Council (ICTM Statute 8).


  1. To promote research, documentation and sustainability of the performing arts, taking into account the diversity of cultural practices, past and present, popular and traditional.
  2. To promote collaboration between researchers and performers in universities and non-governmental organizations through joint research projects
  3. To encourage younger scholars and postgraduate students to present their research at  national level symposia
  4. To disseminate research findings through paper presentations, publications and performances
  5. To create an audio-visual archive for the repatriation of recordings and a database of recordings and educational materials of the performing arts of Malaysia


  • Chair: Tan Sooi Beng, USM
  • Vice Chair: Mayco A. Santaella, Sunway University
  • Secretary: Connie Lim, UNIMAS
Executive Committee: Clare Chan (UPM), Patricia Hardwick (UPSI), Rachel Ong (KUG), Hafzan Zannie Hamza (UPSI)


Chair: – Vice Chair: - Secretary: