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ICTMD National Committee for Sweden

The current Chair of the ICTM Sweden National Committee is Sverker Hyltén-Cavallius.


Publications in English by members of the ICTM National Committee for Sweden

Åkesson, Ingrid 2021. “Essential Narrative Motifs? Gender Power Structures, Categorization of Traditional Ballads and the Stubbornness of Paradigms”. Arv. Nordic Yearbook of folklore. Vol 77. Uppsala: The Royal Gustavus Adolphus Academy. Pp. 7-31. (99+) Essential narrative motifs?

Appendix to Sweden country report, Bulletin of the ICTM 126 (October 2014)

Below is an appendix to the country report for Sweden found in the Bulletin of the ICTM 126, written by Ingrid Åkesson.

Recent publications in English by ICTM members