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ICTMD Regional Committee for Australia and New Zealand

The Australia/New Zealand Regional Committee of the ICTM was founded in 2009 as an initiative to foster greater ties between ethnomusicologists in these two neighbouring countries and promote ethnographic music research in the region. The Regional Committee incorporates representatives from the three main music research bodies in Australasia: The local chapter of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM-ANZ), The New Zealand Musicological Society (NZMS), and the Musicological Society of Australia (MSA), alongside ICTM members. The Regional Committee furthers the aims of ethnomusicology in the region by strengthening ties between these organisations, facilitating academic meetings and symposia, developing initiatives to address the needs of ethnomusicologists and the communities with which we work, and providing representation for the ICTM in the region. The Regional Committee aims to act as an interface for anyone wishing to engage with ethnomusicology in Australasia.

The ICTM-ANZ Regional Committee meets on a biennial basis, with executive positions elected every two years. All ICTM members resident in Australia and New Zealand are automatically represented by the Regional Committee, and a number of international and non-ICTM partners are also included within its operations. Meetings, symposia, and other events with ICTM-ANZ Regional Committee involvement are frequently advertised via membership email lists, and anyone is welcome to join these lists. The ICTM-ANZ Regional Committee does not charge fees for membership (other than the normal ICTM membership fees), and the Executive members conduct their work in a voluntary capacity as a matter of service to the academic community.

ICTM-ANZ Regional Committee Executive 2014-2016

  • Chair: Catherine Grant, Griffith University
  • Secretary: Jared Mackley-Crump, Auckland University of Technology
  • IASPM-ANZ Representative: Narelle McCoy, Griffith University
  • NZMS Representative:
  • MSA Representative: Brigitta Scarfe, Monash University


Chair: ; Secretary:

Statement on Indigenous Australian Music and Dance

In 2011, the ICTM-ANZ Regional Committee produced a position statement on the needs for research concerning Aboriginal music and dance, which is available for download below.


The ICTM-ANZ Regional Committee produces a biannual newsletter, which you can download using the following links:

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